Nagi no Asukara Episode 13

Before we start this big ol’ rant let me say that I was with Asukara at the start. I expected to hate it (and in the end I did) but for awhile there was a time when I actually kind of enjoyed it. Many times, the show did stuff that I didn’t expect and surprised me. That didn’t stop the end result from being predictable as hell though.

“But Fang-tan!”, you cry, “It’s not over yet!”

Well, you know, it might as well be.

I’m not sure why I’m really watching this still. Why was I ever watching it in the first place? Boredom? Yeah. But now? Stubborness, maybe. As I’ve said before and will no doubt say again, I kinda like having a show to riff on.

Watching wet teenagers gaze longingly at each other and run away when faced with conflict while somebody calls after them is pretty much perfect for that. Nothing gets your frustrations out like yelling at a bunch of moping brats. And boy oh boy do we have a fine assortment here.

It’s pretty much everything I hate in a romance but hey, I like the water theme and the yanaginagi ed is pretty fantastic.

And while this show did have a few interesting tricks up it’s sleeve for awhile, I had pretty much predicted what was going to happen from the get go. Well, it’s obvious so I shouldn’t really applaud myself. It’s the interesting and unexpected bits that make it being so trite and predictable hurt so much.

Manaka being taken by the Sea God was glaringly obvious since the first episode but once Akari started having drama and it wasn’t just a short, finished with arc, I knew she was going to be the one taken and Manaka would sacrifice herself or something.

And lo, so it was.

My other prediction was a timeskip and before that idea didn’t really make sense but hey here we are and now it would make a lot more sense. Skip ahead where Sayu and Miuna are older and everybody in the sea including Hikari (if the preview for the next episode is any indication) has been sleeping and then suddenly wakes up for some reason.

Let’s talk about the best character possibly being killed. I kept saying how Kaname got the short end of the stick and boy did he ever this time. The last thing he sees is the girl he likes with another dude and then he gets crushed (possibly). Since they didn’t show the body and this show is full of insipid and predictable writing, I imagine they’ll pair Tsumugu and Chisaki up and then he’ll just show up and sudden Chisaki conflict?!? More running away with tears in your eyes while someone calls after you?!!?

Kaname cut right to the chase and as someone fully done with their teenage angst and bullshit, I was fully appreciative. The way that Kaname ‘died’ was pretty ridiculous though. That just that one would fall, right there, on him, that giant thing hitting no one else. Hmm. HMM.

Tsumugu used to be a pretty good character but then Manaka seemed to be going for a Hikari ending and welp. THAT is when my hopeful optimisim of this show turned to “it sucks and I hate it” and watched it only to be mad at it. To be fair though, whatever made him so interesting? Was it because he wasn’t Hikari, who is the worst? Yes. It’s probably that.

Chisaki is second worst though and now she’s going to be angsting about the dead best character and that’ll just be the HEIGHT of entertainment. Still, it really seemed like they were pushing for Chisaki/Tsumugu and really? I liked them as a begrudging friendship where they went to each other for advice (though that part was kinda onesided) and I had JOKED about them actually being together but really? Really?!

Looking back, maybe it was there. Maybe Tsumugu is just so bland that he didn’t really drop hints that well. Maybe Kaname knew all along. They did interact a lot but I though that was you know, normal. I didn’t want to think that the only reason these kids interacted with a specific person in their group was because they wanted to bone them but hey, I guess I was wrong.

I was hoping she’d actually get Hikari in the end and Tsumugu would do SOMETHING besides look and sound disinterested all the time. I wanted a Manaka/Tsumugu end.

And Manaka? She got bodied pretty hard. It’d be rad if she was actually dead for real. But haha fat chance.

So hey, spoilers time. Does it count as a spoiler? Wel lafter watching this I saw the image from C85 floating around of post-timeskip gang. So Kaname isn’t dead and my prediction about Sayu and Miuna being older is haha right there on the money.

original version [x]

So predictions? I don’t know. Let’s say something crazy like Miuna is the love interest now. I saw it bopping around that they might need another sacrifice and hey, it’s Miuna’s time to shine. Why? Who knows. Not important. If it’s for the sake of *~drama~* I’m pretty sure this show will do it no questions asked.

I guess Kaname and Hikari both went to sleep since they were in the water when Shioshishio got covered with ice. But since Chisaki was not, she’ll probably be the only older one? She’s the only water kid who isn’t different looking in that image.

Manaka isn’t there. Because she got owned or because she’s off being the sea god’s waifu? I still don’t think she’s dead and she’ll show up and it’ll have majorly *~DRAMATIC~* consequences but for awhile it’s Miuna’s day in the sun. Well since Kaname isn’t dead and Sayu looks majorly cute in that preview, maybe I can look forward to that. Sayu’s day in the sun.

And my last prediction is that Chisaki feels so much guilt about Kaname that she refuses to be with Tsumugu even if he tries. And then Kaname returns. Dun dun dun.

Whatever. This show is some trash and it’ll need a lot to change my opinion of it in the second cour. Thankfully, Nagi will still be there for me.

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