Winter 2014 First Impressions

I think Outbreak Company and Kyousougiga were the only shows that finished airing for me from fall so I’ll do a seperate post about Outbreak Company later. Does it really deserve one? Who knows. Kinda. Outbreak Company wasn’t that bad.

But that’s over and done and onto the next onslaught of shows.

Nobunaga the Fool

This is definitely one of those shows I started watching because there wasn’t that many shows out at the time. I started watching it and realized I had NEVER heard anything about it and had no idea what it was. Gotta say it was a bit interesting going into a show knowing nothing about it. Especially one with an odd premise. Well it’s not odd but it’s a bit different than what I might have expected, though I had no expectations.

This show was weird. I’m glad I gave it a shot becuase knowing beforehand… well, I probably wouldn’t have tried it out at all. It treads a very, very fine line of ridiculousness. It’s hard to take it seriously but it hasn’t crossed over into bad territory. Despite it not being a show I would normally watch (both mech AND feudal wartimes), it was relatively interesting. Probably in thanks to Jeanne and her world. Despite her second (main?) outfit being pure fanservice, it actually looks kinda cool and she’s pretty cute.

Since it flashed to a bunch of girls, I hope they don’t all want the Nobunaga D. If it was a straight romance between him and Jeanne, two LITERALLY starcrossed lovers, I think that would be more interesting for his character. He wasn’t as bland as I was anticipating either. Not super thrilling or fresh but hey lets see where he goes first.

I think I’ll give it another shot just because the first episode wasn’t so bad and like I said, entertained through and through. I’d be more interested if they go back to Jeanne’s world and since there was that dream sequence at the beginning, maybe they will? It just seemed a lot more interesting and unique. But whatever. I predict this show will either get old fast, be so ridiculous it’s amazing or be so bad it’s good. Nothing else will do.


There are two things that are guaranteed to get me to look at a show. Miyuki Sawashiro and Taku Iwasaki. This show has both. Well, Sawashiro only plays a minor character it seems and she wasn’t even in the first episode but hey eventually she’ll be there and it’ll be great.

So again, another show I didn’t know much about. Just that it had Iwasaki doing the music. Soundtrack wise, it’s not as bombastic as Gatchaman Crowds or Jormungand. Not as jazzy as Bento and not quite as subdued ad Memochou. But I did like what I heard. Though I’m biased so haha whoops.

I was reminded a lot of Ao no Exorcist despite the fact I didn’t watch very much of that. Yato is a likable dork who doesn’t fall into the shounen traps as much as Rin from AoE seemed to. Plus Hiyori is pretty dang great. From fangirling over wrestlers to cat jumping out of bed to UFC-ing a giant frog, she doesn’t fail to entertain. I think she and Yato have some nice chemistry but I’ll need to see more of them together before I can judge how much I like them together.

The OP was really cool though. It reminded me a lot of Durarara with a dash of recent YozaQuartet. It’ll be neat once things pick up and it gets super actiony. What action there was in this episode was fluid and cool and really fun to watch, much like the OP. Plus the blonde antagonist (?) has a pretty cool design.

So it’s super cool that a show with my two biggest things turns out to be kinda good. Of course it’s only a 12 episode show so I’ll probably be disappointed in the end but hey, maybe it’ll be a fun ride for awhile.

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren

Here we are yet again. Chuu2koi wasn’t one of my favourite shows back when S1 aired. It started off entertaining and kinda funny and fell apart in to a giant stupid, melodramatic mess by the end. So why am I here? Well, I love me some Nibutani.

I will give this show credit where credit is due though. Rikka may not have grown at all and that’s pretty terrible but some characters seem different. Since it’s been a year, that’s expected. A lot of times in a show such time will pass and the characters will be the exact same. That in this show of all shows they’ve managed to change is pretty impressed. Yuuta is a big example of this and I’d also like to point out Kumin who seems to have upped her game from being a one joke character. Nibutani is still the best, Rikka still unchanged and annoying. Dekomori, the same.

Predictions? Well it wasn’t mine but after talking about the episode and that the Childhood Friend has probably moved in upstairs we concluded that what we’d REALLY like to happen is that as Childhood Friend gets cozy around Yuuta, Rikka becomes more and more agressive and jealous. Eventually an over the top fight scene cuts away and Rikka has actually hurt someone. Cue melodramatic run away, etc etc. I imagine what will actually happen will be a lot more stupid and sappy.

So hey, despite all the good stuff I could be watching I guess I’m in for this one too.

Sakura Trick

In a pool of media such as anime, yuri works are far and few between. And I mean honest to god yuri. Not hints and “well maybe they are, maybe they aren’t”s. Definitive. And in 2014 we have two confirmed genuine yuri shows. One this season and one next.

That being said, I’m a bit disappointed here. I don’t know what I was expecting but not really this. I wanted a touching love story between two girls and instead this is just… not that. For one, there are more Male Gaze shots than I could easily count which already debases this to “girls kissing for the sake of dudes” rather than anything else.

And that’s disappointing.

While this episode was cute and it did have its moments, the characters are shallow right now and in a 4koma style of show like this, I don’t expect that to change much. So if you were, like me, looking for something a little more serious or sincere, you might not want to get your hopes up. But if there’s a Yuru Yuri shaped hole in your life or you just need some different fanservice I think this will do fine.

Sekai Seifuku

Luckily one show I was looking forward to actually turned out better than expected! I thought we were getting into a comedy-centric scheme of the week type dealio and while it may end up being just that, I think there’s something bigger going on that will prove very interesting.

Kate was way more likable than expected. Rather than just being loli fanservice overlord, she was actually cute and kinda sweet while still having an air of maturity about her that someone her age and sounding like that should not.

I really like the artstyle and character designs. Kate’s doesn’t really bother me because at this point I’m pretty desensitized but Natasha’s is a bit much. You’re no Utsutsu, okay? She actually reminds me a lot of Majolica from beloved classic, Ookami-san. And all the pants! Plamya and White Egret both have fantastic designs like dang. White Robin is cool too but pants man. PANTS.

I have a feeling the first few minutes of the show that showed us the future where Kate rules is just a bait and switch a la Symphogear and things will end in a much more lighthearted way. It’d be nice if it didn’t but with a kid and a goofy guy like Asuta as the main characters, I don’t really expect things to get too grim. Especially since she only knocked out the army guys she fought this episode rather than kill them.

One thing I was disappointed about was that her means of conquest is magic. How can you even compare someone to Lincoln when one has magic and the other does not? Unless magic is a common thing in this world. Though I get the feeling it isn’t. Still, of course someone with destructive powers like hers could take over the world. She has such an advantage!

Well, hopefully it keeps momentum and stays interesting. I really want to like this one.


Nobunaga sure is a popular guy lately! So are shows involving him and other random historical figures. Historical figures in general, really. Looking at you Galilei Donna.

I planned to ignore this but once again, word of mouth got to me and I had to give it a shot. The PV is very misleading. Kaoru was much nicer than I imagined she would be and Shio was a lot less intense. A lot. Likewise, I assumed Jack was probably a bad guy but nope.

The art and animation was a lot less flashy than I would have expected. For a first episode it sure did look… plain. Well, there were neat textures used in interesting and unexpected ways. Same with lighting and colour. Once things started going down around Shio, it looked really cool.The other shcoolgirls all had interesting designs while Shio was completely boring but that’s intentional. So I guess it’s not all bad?

The thing is I have no idea how I feel about this. Was it crazy stupid? Or crazy awesome? I had to pause when they said Gandhi was gonna show up because really? Really? In a show about superpowered teens (prove me wrong, show) you’re going to go for him? Well he seems to be a healer/defense kinda person at the very least.

But I guess I was more entertained than expected. It’ll need to do something impressive to stand out though because ridiculousness and style aside, I don’t think this show has that much else going for it.

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