Loli Salad’s Bi-Monthly Music Feature: Volume #08

Man, on top of site issues and personal reasons that left me without time to do this post, I really had trouble following the new fromadistance. I probably should have saved that for last. Normally I try to include a few albums but after the fromadistance album, even weeks later, I couldn’t find anything to follow it up with.

Once you have fine wine, you can’t go back to drinking that stuff out of the box.

Exit Trance presents Speed Anime Trance Best 20

Now, I doubt anybody was particularly worried but yeah I’ve been putting this album off for WEEKS. But before we get into this, let’s have a look at something interesting that occured.

Below are the release dates from the ET site. I thought it was weird that 2012 only had two album. I think I was saying that it was the beginning of a downward spiral that would lead us to the end of the series but no 2012 seemed to be an exception because every other year (barring the few few releases) were three releases a year. And then 2013 happened and we had four SATB releases. Like what happened? It’s not like they stopped producing as much other material. If any, I’d say they released more than usual.

Exit Tunes already lists the 21 as coming out in April so it might go back to the three release a year? Well… quantity over quality? Haha I don’t remember the releases from this year so I can’t say for sure. But hey. It’s not like any of this is important at all. Just interesting to observe.

I’ll try to give the next SATB release it’s own post but this one is just so underwhelming and unimpressive that I couldn’t really find much to say about it. Still, it felt wrong to gloss over it completely so here we are.

私がモテないのはどう考えてもお前らが悪い is… weird. I like the actual song portion but the vocals are really weird. They seemed unusually quiet compared to the song. Was it just something messed up with my version or is it just the actual mixing of the song? R.Cena and Bavil sound fine for the most but the screamy parts are kind of laughably bad. どう考えても私は悪くない, on the other hand, has a kind of boring song mix. 405 is competent enough for vocals (though there are a lot of ET vocalists who could have sung terrib–) but really lacks at the parts that are supposed to sound good. The end result is a boring taking on a really fun song.

Amidst a bunch of songs I had little interest in, there were two that I really happened to love. First is Birth. Because of the intro I was worried it would end up terribly but the vocals are actually really good. 伍猫 seems to be a relatively new vocalist to ET. I wonder if she has any other aliases? Or what other circles she might be associated with? Well hopefully we find out one day. The other was VIVID which ended up a lot more disappointing. YURiE just sounds so weird here. Which is a shame because the song arrangement sounds really cool at times.

Other okay songs were Fight for Liberty (LTT sounded a lot like Spyair in Just One Life at the beginning of the song and he’s actually sounds good, just maybe in a different type of song) and PROMPT which was one of the numerous airportexpress songs. KANA sounded really good though and the unexpected guitar fit really nicely.

Next album will return to regular format. Hopefully it’s more interesting too!

fromadistance – 生年不滿百

This was a total (very welcome!!) surprise from Comiket 85. The last album (Duende) that fromadistance released was in 2011. I discovered it in 2013 and realized the group (which only really contains spctrm I think?) was probably long dead. But I loved all three of the released albums. I raved about Historie here before. And then! A new release after so long? Obviously I was beside myself with excitement. Easily my favourite release from Comiket 85.

千磐破 returns to the eastern sound that was pretty prominent in Historie. It isn’t nearly as sweeping as dramatic but it’s still monumental in it’s own right. GITANJALI is along the same vein with a mixture of oriental, tradional folk and back orchestral sound that slowly builds until the song ends in a frenzy. Both nice though lacking the sheer “take your breath away” feel of previous releases.

Which is where 讀山海經 might come in nicely. spctrm is kind of a master at a spectacular build up in songs like this. Along with mixing such different sounds and yet the end result is such a wonderful melody.

For a different change of pace, L’éternité and Many winters are two kinda slower tracks. Maybe just calmer and more relaxed? Well the whole album is relaxing, I mean but these two specifically kind of take the cake for that.

While not as breathtaking and overwhelming as past releases (especially Historie), this was still such a surprise and a treat and I’ve listened to it countless, countless times since it’s release. If you’re looking for some nice, nay, AMAZING instrumental Touhou arrangements with an orchestral and folk feeling you could not possibly do better than this or any of fromadistance’s other releases.

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