Night Wizard #7

Night Wizard has left me in despair!

Are you in desp-

(Sorry about the mixed up images, I’ll try to fix them tomorrow.)

I really got something from this episode (It wasn’t even what I was looking for when I started to watch this episode either which was Elis X Renji and their little skating ‘date’). No, I got a new found respect for Akari. I saw her as just another soulless melancholic (lol Yuki) character but that’s changed!

Mikoto and Akari

I also loved Kureha’s attitude during the episode. She was kinda negative. It was awesome.

This is NOT a harem setting.


After seeing loli Elis, I find Elis to be the moe-est thing around. Her voice is cute, her look is cute. Everything about her is cute. It’s driving me nuts. Not that I didn’t like her before (You might take a guess as to who my real favorite character is in the series. If you can’t figure it out, go check my last Night Wizard post).

Well who didn’t see that coming?

The one thing I did dislike is something I generally dislike as a whole. A pet sidekick. From here on out I’ll refer to Domperri as Yuuno. Why does every magical series need to have acute pet or some deformed little thing to try and be funny? Cause they aren’t. They’re annoying as hell. Look where it got Nanoha! (That’s right, I’m talking to you Nanoha X Yuuno OTPers). Oh well. Hopefully he won’t last long. Although it was cute seeing it with solemn Akari. (Also, I nearly had an ill-fated Rena moment when Domperri climbed up Akari’s arm. I nearly had a cute overload).

Normally, if the main guy character had all the girl characters move in with him. I’d consider it flat out Harem. No matter what the situation (alright maybe there are some exceptions…) but I don’t get that vibe from Night Wizard and it’s not because I’m a devout Renji X Elis shipper either…

Akari/Stay Night

Awesome :D

I’m still undecided on what Akari is. Clearly she isn’t human but still…what? I heard some interesting theories at ASuki but they didn’t much influence me to decide. I’m sure I’m not the only person who thinks Domperri is Mikoto, am I? Like Mikoto is in Domperri’s body or something. I’m sure it’s something like that. Or Domperri was Mikoto’s pet or partner or something. I dunno yet.

I wanted to take a minute, although it’s pretty unrelated to anything in the story, to mention  I my own theory about Kirihito. I believe that, inspired by the ending, Kirihito will somehow gain control over Elis and use this for evil (In the ending it looks like Kureha, Akari and Hiiragi could be fighting Elis or Kirihito by Elis). But there are several ways this could be done. In this episode Elis says she wishes to be able to protect herself, knowing this Kirihito could approach her and try to help her use her power more strongly (with the ending effect being him gaining control of her powers) or him actually being Oji-sama or something like that (like in the previous episode) and using that with Elis. But Maybe I’m wrong. I’m just guessing. That’s what’s I’d really like to happen (A good Keiichi-styled talking to from Renji could help Elis defeat Kirihito~!).

Kureha is pretty cute there too…


I lol’d soooooo hard when Kureha realized Elis was going to go into the bathroom while Renji was there. Then when they screamed (which was the best thing in the history of things that involve screaming) and all the lights in the building flicked on, oh man, I was done for.


“You’re the kind of person who would fall down in an empty field.” Best line ever.
When it got to the ice-skating. I was ecstatic, as it can be imaged I would be, because I knew it would be a Renji X Elis lovefest for me. I like that. But when it got to lunch and Akari said she had prepared a lunch, I was LOLing on the floor again at Renji’s expression. Especially when he ate the lunch to save Elis from eating it. It was hilarious. Then when Anzelotte appeared, oh gosh, I feel so bad for Renji.

I can cook too~ kekekeke

Elis: Oh my god, you killed Hiiragi-sempai!

I want to take her home!!

I was really surprised there was no bad guy fight in this episode. Really. But I guess with only two more jewels remaining then it might have been wise to cut back. But this is clearly the calm before the storm as we see Anzelotte dealing with a very big problem near the end of the episode (Poor Renji, had he not just asked for more nice days to follow?). But I still expect Kirihito to be Elis’s Oji-sama, even if it looks like the grande finale will be the demon lord trying to find Elis.

The calm before the storm…

Unfortunately, the next episode seems to not string along the ending with Anzelotte at all! If there episode weren’t coming out tomorrow…I’d be super pissed.

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