[c74] Umineko Motion Graphic 2 Review

Hmmm… it seems like I’m doing to many music reviews. But it was just C74 and the music releases is just one of the best things! Unfortunatly, the second Umineko Motion Graphic is not the best. It’s not even that good.

I’m not even going to waste my time doing a normal review. This was the one album I was super pumped about (actually, there is another ALTERNAIT released at C74 but I’ll be damned if I can find it). I had to torrent this album and I’ve never torrented anything in my life before (that’s right, I just watch anime on veoh) so I was pretty giddy when it finished. Torrenting has always been this mystical process and those that have done it have all been an awesome clique I always fell short of joining. So I was pretty excited when this album finished, regardless of the terrible format it was in.

But about the actual album? Believe me, me talking about loosing my torrent-virginity is WAAAAY more interesting. I love Niira Etsuko don’t get me wrong. I think she has the most beautiful voice ever. Even the b-side tracks on the first Umineko Motion Graphic were awesome. They themselves would have been better that the motion graphic song this time around.

The main track (which I can’t find the name anywhere, sorry) doesn’t fit with the series at all. It tries to be rockish but it just sounds plain. It doesn’t hold the gripping, haunting feeling that the other songs held. The other songs are just as emotionless and plain. So I won’t even bother talking about them. (Sounding like this, it almost sounds like I haven’t heard the album at all!)

The video itself is the usual Motion Graphic standard. This time focusing on Kanon and Shannon and by association, Jessica and George. But as boring and lousy as the song was (actually, with the video it isn’t so bad I suppose) the video was pretty awesome. You really gotta love how evil Beatrice and Maria looked. Even if it doesn’t have the same feel as the first videos, you gotta appreciate how the art is improving. I don’t much care for the CG but I think it’s an improvement. Near the end there were really lots of great scenes. And did you see Bernkastel? Now that was cool. Hopefully we’ll see Bernkastel, Lambadelta, The Stakes AND… *drumroll* Warugi- *shot by Rosa*.

Disregard everything I said about Aitouka. I love the song, I love the video. Go play Turn of the Golden Witch. Now.

Expect some actual reviews in the coming days of more C74 albums. I’m without games right now due to some video card problems so it’s just music. But with some more ALTERNAIT albums on the way you better believe I’m going to forget about this travesty and focus on some awesome.


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