Loli Salad’s Bi-Monthly Music Feature: Volume #09

I had to shoehorn some Touhou in because fromadistance has ruined all Touhou music for me.  It’d be nice if I could stop being disillusioned sometime soon.

Notebook Records feat. Aikapin – Envy

This is a really big and welcome treat. It wasn’t something I was expecting and it’s something I don’t normally like. This album though? I loved it. Usually original j-core tracks with vocals are  big turn off for me but this album is so all over the spectrum that it worked for me.

Artifact and Peep cheep are the more up-beat and fun tracks with the latter showing off Aikapin’s cuter vocals. Most of the album has a completely different image than these two tracks and is almost more serious sounding, I would say. Somniferum starts off a lot slower but even when it starts going hard, Aika’s vocals stay within the same tone as the song starts and it’s a really cool effect. Similarly, Faded Rose is a pretty laid back track. At least compared to the other songs. I don’t know if I care for her vocals as much in it though.

Dream drop down is probably my favourite though. It’s just so airy and full of energy that I find myself going back to it most often. Heavenly is like that but the vocals really grate on me in that one. Dream drop down is a perfect mix of both energy and nice sounding vocals. There are three remixes of Grimm by Ranzor, 3R2 and NiActivity Striker. If I had to pick a favourite, it would probably be 3R2’s Makina Remix just because I like that style more and it’s does more with the vocals than the other two tracks.

Kotetsu Denno Shojo Tai – Robo☆Ani VOCALO Taisen

An album of… well, robot anime songs. That should be self-explanatory.

The vocals here are all done by Lily as far as I know? It doesn’t sound like it in Kakumei Dualism. She sounded very GUMI-y but I guess I misheard. The “secondary” vocals are atrocious though. They sound exactly like what you’d expect a computer singing to sound like. And really most of the vocals are poorly done and I can’t tell if that’s Lily’s fault or the ones who produced her here. So why am I mentioning this if I don’t think it sounds good? Because the song arrangements are really, really cool.

That being said, the tracklist is really standard and what you would expect but the inclusion of such a recent song like Kakumei Dualism.

Cruel Angel Thesis is one of those standard tracks I mention. The ones that are done to death. The tracklist features a bunch like that but this one was done really cool. A weird mix of instruments along with it being fast paced and fun all do a lot for it. Even the subpar vocal effort gets messed around with and sounds kinda neat. The same could be said in Sorairo Days when they double the vocals. That track isn’t as interesting or inventive as the former but eh.

Tamashii no Refrain has a very iconic opening and I love what they do with it here. The build up and even the vocals all lead to something really cool sounding. Infact I’d probably say the vocals are most tolerable here. Not the best but they don’t hurt the song like they do in most of the other tracks. One such track would be DAYS. Which is a pretty fun song to begin with so hearing a synth-metal arrangement like this was really bizarre.

I’d say this is probably worth checking out for the arrangements of the songs. The use of Lily is poorly done and it’s a shame since there was a lot of potential here.

THIS IS MY ____ – デトリタス ~cerulean of each~

I usually don’t include really shorter albums or EPs even if I really like them. This is an exception because well, I REALLY like this one. It’s very easy for me to get carried away and listen to it for an hour or two without realizing.

Detrius ~cerulean of each~ is a collection of Nagi no Asukara remixes. There’s a free download on it’s site and that download features four tracks but there are two more (technically only one since it’s a remix of the same track) that can be heard on the soundcloud page. That being said, 凪 -nagi- (Droplamp Remix) is probably the weakest of all the tracks if only because the original isn’t as good a track as the ones used in the series.

There’s a remix of each OP and ED and they’re all really wonderful to listen to but the highlights are アクアテラリウム (Droplamp Remix)ebb and flow (Droplamp Remix) and my personal favourite, 三つ葉の結びめ (Droplamp Remix). There’s a soft build up to the middle of the song which takes off with some unusual sampling and effects that end up sounding too damn good.  That cut and stop sound appears in アクアテラリウム (Droplamp Remix) but isn’t as uniquely done. That track works for being made even more melancholy sounding with it’s remix.

Def check this out if you enjoyed the music from NagiAsu and if not and you just want some really chill remixes featuring nagiyanagi, you could find no better. Available for download on the album’s site.

Eve Hates Me – Veni, Vidi, Mitakihara -Eve Hates “M”-Vol.1

Eve Hates Me seemed to release a tone of stuff at C85 but this was the album I was most excited about. There was another album that seems to be it’s companion based on the naming and the vague-madoka-ness of it but I haven’t been able to find it anywhere. It’s very different from this album and features a wide range of genres from hardcore to chillout jazz to house and all kinds of that good stuff.

This one however is one of my favourite kind of things to pop up. An actual honest to god, well-done ambient album. It’s always difficult for me to include such albums though because when I do find one I like, it’s hard to explain what’s so enjoyable about it. I don’t even know what I enjoy about that type of music to begin with.

made in cabinet however is pretty downright creepy. There’s a sinister voice telling some kind of story throughout and I couldn’t find if it was reference to something already existing or not but based on what was audible, I couldn’t really tell. Madoka would have made sense but that didn’t seem to be the case. The second part of the song doesn’t feature the speaking part but it’s dark ambient vibe is still perfect. lilly, the longest track, is a lot alike that was well. Besides what I heard sampled of Vol 2, I can’t say I’ve heard anything else Keffy has to offer (that I recall) but their subtleness in such work is really fantastic and I’m eager to see what else they can create in this style. (Actually

So yeah! Despite this being a type of work I really, really enjoy, I can’t say much else about it. But if you’re like me and constantly scouring the doujin music community for quality (dark) ambient releases, this is something you should really, really check out.

Gonbakonnaka – 紫アンビ ykr_ambi

On that note lets follow up with another album I enjoy but can’t say much about! What’s also very rare is decent Touhou in that genre. I can’t say that I find this particular album to be the best in that regard because of the exact reason it’s so rare to see these albums. You want to create something very minimal while keeping a specific song in mind. It’s challenging but there are groups that do it well. This particular album is really enjoyable to listen to but I had to double check with a track list to see what the original songs were with the exception of the first and third track.

Not like that really diminishes my enjoyment of the album just that that’s kind of bad for a Touhou album, yeah?

ネクロファンタジア and ykr_ are probably my favourite tracks. The first for it’s whimsicalness and the second because it ends up sounding a lot like a Yume Nikki track. the hidden arc has a lot going on in it and I have trouble deciding if it’s cool or distracting.

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