[C74] Lolita Neurosis – The Room Where I Keep Dying

I’m not going to lie. I downloaded (lol torrents) this album solely for the name of who was releasing it. I was expecting some dark trancecore or something. Not a piano album that was nostalgic of Shiina Ringo’s La Salle de Bain for me.

  1. to get used to
    There aren’t that many tracks on this album but that’s okay because they’re pretty good. Actually, this is one of the first times since I started listening to doujin music (all though this is original so I don’t think you could call it doujin) that I thought a song would be better without vocals. The vocals on this album are very weak and are confusing. I love the piano but the vocals are just the tone to blend in and make it hard to hear either the singing or the playing. When the ‘chorus’ is sung the vocals get louder and there are backups so it sort of sounds better. But you can spot many places where the singer is faltering. I kind of like that though for a song on piano. I think it’s a nice touch.
  2. Necrophilia
    For such a darkly named title, this song certainly has a cute dai-ish loli feel to it. That’s not really bad or anything though because you can hear the girl singing much better. But her tone still isn’t right. You can tone her out completely if you focus on the piano playing. I found myself doing that often. Even the speaking parts were a little too quiet.
  3. 私のなかのエアーズロック
    The piano at the beginning is sort of like a lighter version of track five, which is my favorite. But it changes slightly when the vocalist joins in. This is the track that reminds me of an old favorite of mine. I mentioned it earlier and if you haven’t heard it then I would get listen to it. The vocalist makes pitch go higher so we can hear her and the backup (?) a little better than we originally did. That came right as I was about to say that the singing was blending too well with the piano so that I was getting confused once more. Ha ha. Luckily, she pulls the pitch off well. This song is the longest on the album at 4:06 minutes. It kind of annoys me how it does that stop and start thing with the piano so that I think the song is over and then isn’t. If it weren’t for the reminiscent vocals, I probably wouldn’t like this song.
  4. 残骸ヲ悼ム為ノ、
    This time, the song focuses on the pianos. But the singer is still in the back. The only problem is that it’s been so hard to hear her this whole time, she doesn’t do to well not as the main and as a sort of chiming in back up. This song would have been better (like the whole album) if it were released in instrumental. The parts where the piano hits a lower key and you can hear her singing are really nice though. They remind me of Kenji Kawai’s BGMs for Higurashi.
  5. 存在しながら死に続ける部屋での幻想
    This is my favorite track. It lives up to the band (?) title. The piano at the beginning is creepy and befitting for such a wonderful track. The vocals too are reminiscent of Ringo while the spoken parts reminded me of the spoken tracks of Sound Horizon. Yes, this track is like a rough draft for a Sound Horizon song. A Roman one, no doubt. (Moira is released this month, can’t wait.)

Fang’s Rating: 6/10