Isshuukan Friends Episode 9 Impressions


After last week, I expected to this week to be a bit more heavy and I certainly wasn’t wrong about that, I suppose.

As Shogo says, Kujo is a hard person to judge. Sure, he’s kind of an ass but he doesn’t know about her condition and it seems like things went south between them. Still he’s so abrasive and slimy about it that I can’t really feel bad for him.

Like it’s so hard to get a read on him. This isn’t the type of show where he’d do something villainous like change her diary, right? There’s only three more episodes so I don’t know if they could work that all in. Will he play it sympathetic and help Hase figure out what happened only to be rejected again and accept that defeat with grace?

To the show’s credit, the drama has been handled pretty well. It would have taken five episodes for such an important detail like “her memory resets” to finally come up in conversation with someone who needs to know that if I were watching NagiAsu.

One thing that did really bother me was Hase’s selfishness again. While I do realize he has some right to be upset, I don’t recall him asking “why did this happen?” and “how can we fix it/help her?”

It’s not the first time he’s seemed overly selfish but those other times I just wrote it off as cute teenagers too dense to realize they’re in love or something like that. This time the situation caries a bit more gravitas and it was uncalled for.

Well I applaud the show for managing to give this episode a more grave air about it. The Saki x Shogo bit was really cute though and just proves that their relationship is kinda cuter if only because it feels healthier.

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