Mekakucity Actors Final Impressions

It’s hard to believe it’s already over. Spring went by quickly but it feels like Mekakucity Actors was over in no time. Maybe because it’s the first show in a long time where I’d wake up early on Saturdays (if I didn’t have work) so as soon as it was uploaded on CR, I was ready?

And you know, now that’s its over I’m gonna miss having something to be excited about but I don’t know if I’ll necessarily miss this show. I really liked it and as a fan of the series, I thought it wasn’t half bad. I just can’t help but feel that it was lacking something.

I don’t think Mekakucity Actors needed two cours but maybe one or two episodes extra would have benefitted it greatly. Though I have a sinking suspicion they wouldn’t have made the best use of that time. It feels like there was a lot of time spent on stuff that should have went to explaining stuff. But when I go to point out such a scene, what would I have taken away?

Well for one Hibiya and Konoha kinda got shafted. Hibiya got the whole Kagerou Daze episode (which was frankly a little disappointing with how they represented the Heat Haze at the end) and kinda stopped being important for awhile. Konoha showed up in small bursts until the end where he was revealed to be super important. I would have said the same of Mary until she surprisingly got her own episode.

The focus on Azami and Shion was nice though. Generally, they’re characters we see very little. Both have their own songs (Shinigami Record is beautiful too) but neither were PVs so they’re unrecognized a lot of the time. So I can’t fault them for showing so much of them.

Kinda related but getting to see so much Queen Mary was great too because I love the difference in her design and as far as I know, she only really appears at the end of the Outer Science MV to reset the world. Maybe this will inspire the golden age of short haired, scaly Mary fanart…?

So things I really would fault them for? I really wish they would have used the Summertime Record ending to show an epilogue of sorts. We didn’t get to see Seto, Kano and Kido’s reaction to Ayano coming back (!!), anything about Hiyori coming back other than her just being there at the end or much of Haruka and Takane reuniting.

Also for a show inspired by music, the OST was generally not very great. I know a lot of people were collaborating on it and that makes it even worse! There were some nice tracks and some that really worked in 12 especially but overall there was some weird track placement that made certain scenes lose a lot of gravitas because they were used.

On the flip side, the use of the actual songs as insert songs was really appreciated. Though I wish they would have covered Moon Viewing Recital (obviously with a different vocalist) and had Summertime Record be the IA track. That’s just me nitpicking. I got Lia involvement, I shouldn’t complain too much.

I have a pretty hard time looking at the last episode critically and to try and theorize about that last part because once my lord and saviour Ayano Tateyama shows up in her cute dress I pretty much stop functioning. No joke, I watched the episode twice and didn’t realize Hiyori was there. Which I was happy about because I really didn’t want her to remain dead too. Took me a third/fourth time to notice Haruka too which is good because I had been SO confused about what happened to him. I just see happy, living Ayano and turn to mush.

And I know a lot of people were disappointed with the show and yeah, I kinda wish it hadn’t been so Monogatari-ish (lots of static shots of them just talking without much going on), that they hadn’t be insistent about a lack of blood (well cept Konoha) or else over dramatizing it (did it air at an early time?) and a lot of things about the ending not being entirely clear (did Haruka and Konoha become separate? did Mary create a whole new world? did the kids get their snakes back and I just missed that part? or do they no longer need them?) but I still enjoyed the show despite that. Because really Mekakucity Actors delivered to me the one thing I wanted most. (Besides Lia being involved)

And that’s obviously that Ayano lives! I kept hoping against hope that she would at the end but with the Days PV sectioning off the dead people I was sure that she wouldn’t. And at the end of episode 11 where Shintarou goes to see her? I screamed when I watched it (if they would have just been teasing I don’t know how I would have continued) though it was nothing compared to the sounds I made when she showed up in the lab.

It doesn’t matter how or why. A blind giraffe wizard or a Harutaka child from the future could have nonsensically shown up and somehow saved her and I wouldn’t have cared. It’s kind of bad, as a viewer, to think that way I suppose but hey my heart belongs to Ayano and now it can finally mend. Mekakucity Actors confirmed for best healing anime. Get bent One Week Friends.

Yen Press is releasing the light novel and manga starting in February and that’s pretty much them putting a vacuum to my wallet at this point. I’m especially happy about the light novel because:

a) they keep releasing shit like Sword Art Online, Index and Accel World so… you know, garbage. And I reeeeally want to read some light novels. But not those. Never those. Maybe Index.
b) I’ve read some of the scanlated manga but can’t focus enough to read novel translations online so this may be my only chance to read it.

And while I’m so excited for those things, I’m also a bit disappointed. People have said “well, maybe things will be clearer when I read those!” but since Lost Time Memory used the manga, light novel and music videos in that AMAZING segment showing the existence of multiple timelines, wouldn’t that imply the worlds in those forms of media all end in a less satisfactory world? They’ll still end in a world where Mary had to reset things because Outer Science happens, right? Or will they reach their own happy ending?

There are the drama CDs, of course and supposedly those are supposed to clear some things up. Guess I’ll wait warmly for those and hopefully they aren’t hella vague. To bad there’s no OVA or anything. A beach OVA. Yes… that’s what I need now. Come on SHAFT. Don’t let me down.

I may be wrong to do so but the MCA ending will be the one I hold as the true ending. Ayano and Hiyori live and I really couldn’t ask for more. Kuroha even got owned like a little punk. I don’t like Kuroha and I don’t understand why people fawn over him, really. Though I will admit Mamoru Miyano did an amazing job as Kuroha. Yelling at Mary to reset the world as he tries to strangle Seto gives me chills every time I see it.

The animation in the Kuroha fight was cool, I thought. At first I thought it was weird but watching it a second time made it look real cool. And if they touch it up even further on the BD releases? Might look real fancy. That CG stunt they pulled during Ayano’s Happiness Theory sure was something else though. It was so bad looking that it kinda grew on me. And hey whatever I was just happy to see Ayano.

I enjoyed Mekakucity Actors over all. I know it didn’t live up to a lot of fan’s expectations but eh, too bad? It was way better than Black Rock Shooter. WHAT ABOUT BLACK ROCK SHOOTER FAN EXPECTATIONS? My biggest problem with MCA was that it didn’t go out of it’s way to be accessible to new fans. Sure most things got explained without needing too much prior knowledge but not for many, many episode where most would have given up because it was too confusing. For instance, while I think the way they showed the alternate timelines thing was so amazing and clever and cool, it’s effect was lost on people who weren’t familiar with the other three types of media.

For real though the end of Lost Time Memory was quite possibly the highlight for me. That meta reveal, Ayano’s goodbye and the shocking reveal of queen Mary? I remember watching it on the bus (since I had worked all day) and trying not to lose my mind from the sheer shock of it all.

I definitely understand people who tried to watch Mekakucity Actors and couldn’t get in to it. I think the fans of the series itself are way too harsh on it, though. Shame on you. I do hope that some people who weren’t familiar with the series were able to enjoy it though, because I still like the series a whole lot.

And as for me? I think it’s pretty obvious I got what I wanted.

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