Legend of Korra S3 Midseason Impressions

First impressions? Was too lazy to do em. So I guess these are midseason? Man the whole ‘airing two episodes every Friday’ thing is hella weird. Does Nick hate this show that badly? Well, not like I blame them…

Well, you know what? So far season three hasn’t… it hasn’t been… it’s not… bad. It’s not great but compared to the past two seasons it sure is. Does it compare to ATLA when it was at it’s best? Nah. Nah son. Of course not. But it could still be worse. It could be as bad as season two.

Since I don’t have that much to say about the season so far, despite… enjoying (???) it, I’ll just do this in a short and sweet, quick and easy kinda way.

  • The breakup: the best thing of S2 was Mako and Korra breaking up because Mako is shit. And there was no real awk siutations involved or hints that they might get back together. Of course Mako was being a baby about it but Korra and Asami teasing him was great. Korra and Asami being bros and hanging out is pretty great too.And without all the godawful romance drama, the group is acting more like Team Avatar should. Buddies facing adventure and danger and messing up this for the rest of the world.
  • Villains: at first I thought the main bad guy was pretty boring because ugh he seems just like the last two villains (Amon was pretty intimidating for awhile there though), gruff older dude blah blah blah. But Ming-Hua with her no arms and waterbending arms and P’li are both hella interesting. If the bad guys were just them being total badasses, that would be radical. But whatever. Despite that, there is some interesting chemistry and camaraderie amongst the four that does make them interesting.
  • Travelling: One of the things that has bugged me most about Korra when compared to ATLA is that ATLA was an adventure. It was the characters going places and meeting new people and sometimes there was urgency but sometimes it was just them goofing off. Korra has been static. Even when they changed locale like in S2, they ended up staying there the entire time. Here we’ve jumped around from Republic City to Ba Sing Se and onwards. With this, the show gets even just a little more interesting.

  • That one scene with Jon Heder: the scene where Korra tries to, along with his mother, get Ryu the airbender to join them was one of the funniest moments in the series so far.
  • Lin and her family: Lin was one of the best characters in S1 and if I recall, was shafted in S2. She gets plenty of screentime when the bad guys start looking for Korra and she has to go protect her. They also head to a city made of metal (that Suyin made??) where Lin’s family is. Suyin is a delight and Opal is really cute. I’d be real happy if she joined Team Avatar to add a little moe to the group, if we’re being honest.

    Admittedly, it does make Lin a lot less enjoyable when she’s presented as the bad guy next to Suyin. I was hoping she wouldn’t secretly be up to something and then Lin would be Right All Along because that’s the kind of stunt this show just loves to pull but hey what can you do. The flashbacks and the way they were presented were pretty cool though.

  • Bolin: Bolin is on point once again. Season two made him into a terrible character with terrible relationships that shouldn’t be promoted to the children that are hypothetically watching this. But this season had him delivering the best lines and expressions time and time again. I probably laughed at least once or twice an episode always thanks to something he did. And his relationship with Opal was cute, even if I was afraid to get invested because of the last two.And also shoutout to him realizing he was acting like a jackass and apologizing. But more importantly, Opal straight up telling him “I don’t like the way you’re talking to me” and walking off like YES those are the kind of things you should promote and show children because it’s healthy, not like the abusive relationship from S2.
  • Other characters: I was glad to see Varrick and Zhu li back again. It was a big surprise, honestly. Korra has been a lot more tolerable this season without angsting over her relationship or being a moody pouty brat like in S2. She’s a lot stronger in comedic roles than in her serious ones which is a problem but does make the lighthearted scenes a lot better. Kya also had some good lines and her fight with Zaheer but still less focus than Bumi who continues to be the worst kind of comedic relief next to Meelo. Kai is a new character who fluctuates between being awful and being decent. So I’m not quite sure if I hate him or just tolerate him.

I’m kind of happy that this season has been better than the last two. It hasn’t been stellar, yeah but it’s been entertaining enough. I’m REALLY hoping the confrontation with the bad guys isn’t resolved with just this one season which is over in just a few weeks. What with Lin getting some episodes and the episode at the air temple, it would be really too soon. If they stretched it across the remaining seasons and built up to it like in ATLA, I’d be real pleased.

Don’t mess this up, Korra. You’re finally not complete garbage.

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