[c86] Diao ye zong – 屠

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Artist/Circle: Diao ye zong (凋叶棕)
Release Date: Comiket 86
Website: http://www.rd-sounds.com/C86_hh.html

  1. 始まってしまった物語
    Instrumental track heavy on piano and based on a Highly Responsive to Prayers track to start it off. The latter half has an ominous air to it but it still lovely in general from start to finish.
  2. 幽明境を分かつこと
    It’s always so strange to hear someone who isn’t Meramipop doing vocals for this group but hey I’m not complaining. I really liked her actually. I kind of groaned at first cause I’m never super excited about this song as a general rule but the chanting of sakura, sakura and then the guitar leading back to the vocals won me over. There’s just a hint of a traditional sound and I wish it had been more pronounced to clash with the guitar and her forceful sounding vocals. It would have been a nice mix.
  3. ハロー!フォゴットン・ワールド
    Another RD-Sounds instrumental track but a lot more interesting than the former. There’s a lot of charm to it but again like track two, there’s something about it that I wish would have stood out more. It’s kind of hard to describe but it just doesn’t feel as good as it should.
  4. ブラック・ロータス
    There’s our Merami. The track has quite a big build up and the result is kind of anticlimactic. It’s very low key and understated when I had expected a big dramatic flourish for the chorus. The end part of the song lives up to that I guess (and the backing vocal parts are nice) but it still doesn’t feel as exciting as I would have hoped. It lacks punch. Which is a shame. And it’s not like I don’t like songs like this, it’s just this one does little for me.
  5. Supernatural Encounter
    Another RD-Sounds instrumental track. This time in jazz. Opposite than the direction I had been hoping for but fun nonetheless.
  6. from the corpse to the journey
    Suffers the same fate as the other Merami song where the vocal parts feel too relaxed. The song itself is cute and her little scoff in the lyrics are cute but overall it’s hard for me to get into it.
  7. それいけ針妙丸 ~巨人との戦い~
    I rather like this one becuase initially it reminded me very much of Kaoru Wada. It’s got a very heavy and cinematic feel to it. The lead up to a great battle and then the battle itself. It’s all very easy to imagine thanks to this song being so good.
  8. 心強きもの
    A song with Merami vocals that actually satisfies, more or less. Well, less compared to past works from the duo. But better than what we’ve heard so far. It’s full of emotion and is more exciting, which is what previous tracks lacked. The chorus is real fun too but that may be because it feels so fresh. And that itself would be because I’ve barely ever heard Ichirin’s theme arranged, to be honest. Or if I have I can barely remember it. The trumpets feel a bit out of place at times but they aren’t so obnoxious that it takes away from the song.
  9. 怪奇!人形の館 迷い込んだ男の運命は…
    If the last instrumental track painted a vivid imagery by being good, this one does so by spelling it out for you. It has sound effects like rain and the sound of footsteps, doors opening to tell the story of a man who becomes lost and happens across a “house of dolls”. The song itself does have an interesting variety to it. Ominous at times, grand at others.  The end up until the man’s demise felt very Danny Elfman Beetlejuice like as well. All in all, it’s a unique track if anything.
  10. too late for
    I thought it was another piano track but half way through it begins to change and become something else and I really liked that. It starts to take on a different tone as it becomes a bit more electronic sounding though the piano is still at the front.
  11. げんきになったときのうた
    A track that starts off more cutesy sounding sound from Merami. I’m not really sure it works for her? I was thinking that I really like her songs where she sounds more powerful and forceful where this clearly sounds like someone trying too hard to sound cute and childish at times. However over half way through the song the tone changes drastically. She retains the cutesy vocals that slowly start to become her regular one and the track goes from cute and fun to fast paced and tense. It’s such a great shift, with her long notes (especially held against the la’s of her previous sound) and switching between the different vocals that this is probably one of, if not the, best tracks on this album.
  12. しあわせのことば
    This track is more relaxed and ballad like and still sounds wonderful from Merami. Those first two tracks just weren’t handled as well then. Dream Battle is usually done in a flashy way so something like this which was absolutely wonderful sounding was such a nice change of pace. And it was nice to see Merami can do songs like this superbly.
  13. そして肥大する物語
    A final instrumental track to bring the album to a ‘close’. There’s something whimsical sounding about this to be sure. It reminds me a bit of track seven where it feels sweeping and grand, like something is unfolding out before you. It’s the kind of track I’ll appreciate more after listening to it a lot more, though.
  14. 墓標
    Tracks like these are what got me to love this group in the first place. Longer with beautiful Merami vocals. I really like the idea that the first 3-3:30 minutes are the lyrics of one character and the rest is that of another. It’s probably best enjoyed looking straight at the lyrics themselves though.
  15. 葬迎
    Very odd sounding track. The style is… strange. Merami, again, sounds great and really enticing? Seductive at times? Well even though the song is in a strange style that reminds me of something I can’t put quite put my finger on, it goes really well with the vocals. To to mention I love the lyrics “Even if you forget the things you throw away, being thrown away is something you will never forget”.

Fang’s Rating:


The theme of this album was fear. Their words not mine. I certainly get that from a few tracks. There were also a few interesting things here, both instrumental and with vocals. While it may not be my favourite album from the group, it was definitely not a disappointment at all.
Recommended tracks: 7, 9, 11, 12, 14, 15

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