Loli Salad’s Bi-Monthly Music Feature: Volume #11

There were a couple full posts about releases (especially if you can’t SATB) so maybe that’s why this one is so short. Oh well.

IOSYS – Scary Halloween Show

I don’t listen to IOSYS very much in this day and age but I figured, this is releasing close enough to Halloween, let’s look at the Halloween album they pumped out last year.

I had thought it was mostly rock and heavy guitar centric stuff but あの少女の愛がまるで人形のように嘘めいていたとしても, Prison and Alice’s Mad Tea Party are exceptions (and the first track but I have really mixed feelings about that one). I rolled my eyes because it was a U.N Owen Was Her arrange but I’m quite fond of Meramipop lately so when I realized it was her (which wasn’t until quite late actually) I was really happy. And there’s some really interesting vocal arrangement even if it is another yandere/crazy Flan song.

Prison is straight up j-core from RoughSketch which is great yeah but it’s the exact kind of thing I hate where the vocals don’t mesh at all. It’s a Phantom Ensemble arrange too which sucks because I always look forward to that song and it was kind of wasted here. It was Aikapin and Envy was here in this post like, what, last time? So I guess that’s a funny coincidence.

Alice’s Mad Tea Party has vocals by Chiyoko and they’re absolutely adorable. The song itself is pretty fun itself though it’s the cute but not sugary sweet vocals that make it for me.

And then of those other tracks, I really enjoyed Never Ending Halloween Night. Ranko’s vocals are kinda iffy. I like them even though they’re unpolished and rough sound kinda detracts for me. Regardless, the chorus is pretty good.

MAGIC YUME RECORDS – another cut of your dream​(​100% dream juice remix album)

You know what I love more than anything else when it comes to music? Especially when it comes to doujin music? The ever rare and elusive Yume Nikki album that happens to pop up every now and then. #02 and #04 both feature Yume Nikki centric arrange albums so if you haven’t already, be sure to give those a look. In fact you would be better off if that’s what you’re looking for since this barely would count.

A statement on the site explains the collective is one “inspired by a sense of loneliness and a desire of eternal dream” so picking Yume Nikki was a great choice because they’ve represented those themes so perfectly. It’s a fairly lengthy release at 24 tracks with each track done by a different artist.

Since it’s so big, there’s a little bit of everything. Let’s 二度寝  is one of my favourites since the synth dream pop  for the most of the song was unexpected when I started listening to it but it really worked and never got stale. MaDoRoMi is another good track in that regard. It starts very slowly and deceptively and then breaks into something fast paced and exciting.

From Beautiful Hell was my favourite ambient focused track though. I t has a very quiet and subtle beginning with a great use of samples. The second part was a bit much but I guess I didn’t hate it.

Compared to other YN releases, I’d say this is just an ambient/dream pop/experimental album that samples and is inspired by Yume Nikki rather than being focused on it. Which is likely the intention. If you’re looking for a better Yume Nikki album they’re listed above but this definetly isn’t bad for what it is. Just don’t go in expecting it to be a pure arrange album focused on the game.

Available for purchase on Bandcamp.

marasy – Anison Piano ~marasy animation songs cover on piano~

I haven’t listened to the Paino Anime Theatre albums but this release seems to be a mix of both older tracks from those albums and some new stuff. If you know marasy, you know what to expect. If not, he does super fantastic piano arrangements. He does a lot of Touhou albums but he’s done at least one Vocaloid album I think.

There are a lot of standard track choices like Genesis of Aquarion, Butterfly, Cruel Angel Thesis, etc. God Knows, Tori no Uta and Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari were my favourite of the regularly covered tracks (the latter’s beginning being slow sounding and then the chorus being more powerful is so good) . There were a couple of tracks that really surprised me with their inclusion though! Aozora no Namida would be the first. I don’t think I’ve heard a cover or arrangement of this song. It’s from Blood+, a show I only saw one episode at a convention once but was my first taste of anime horror which is strange because the original of this song feels like it belongs in a different show. Well anyways I’ve loved it for years. That’s why I was happy to see this on the tracklist and was happy to hear it sound so good.

Mosaic Kakera was another unexpected track. Code Geass covers aren’t huge but I sure wouldn’t have guessed this track anyways. I liked the original way back when but it doesn’t do anything for me now. Which is why this track was such a treat! The chorus is so forceful and sweeping and it adds a lot of oomph that the original lacks.

There are some upbeat tracks like Platinum Disco and Ojamajo Carnival that I was a bit surprised to see included since I wasn’t sure how they would translate into piano covers. The latter is really fun though and kind of, embarassingly, reminds me of the kind of music you might hear in a stereotypical old western saloon. Taiyou Iwaku Moeyo Chaos was another really fun track that I didn’t expect to turn out as well as it did.

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