Summer 2014 Final Impressions + Others

This is a bit different from the norm since in the end I only watched two other shows besides Tokyo Ghoul and that one got a big rant. Ao Haru Ride could have got a big rant too because it was bad but EH.

SATB 22 is coming early next week because I’m lazy.

Ao Haru Ride

Ao Haru Ride did a good job pretending to be a good shoujo. Initially, if you’ll recall, I didn’t like the first episode. I should have trusted my gut instinct. I gave it a second chance and it won me over. But I was wrong. The show had decieved me and blinded me to the terribleness of it’s source material.

Yeah, it wasn’t what actually happened in the show that ruined it and made me hate it. It’s what happens in the manga after. Never before has the source material and what occurs after the adaption ever ruined the adaption for me. The source material I haven’t read nor ever will.

It’s so stupid. I could not think of a more stupid, convulted and frustrating sounding story. Maybe I’ve just grown up too much for trite shoujo cliches and love triangles and will they won’t they’s done poorly because the sheer audacity and terribleness of what ao haru ride becomes turned me off the show. How could I watch knowing there’s ANOTHER girl who like Kou and that Yoshioka gets an actualy boyfriend who is apparently better than Kou but oh now he’s interested in her that way and ~drama~

“But Fang-tan” you cry, “you still watched the entire show! You can’t complain about the manga the whole time!”

Well the show… to be honest I don’t know why I continued after learning all that stuff about the manga. The insert song by Chelsy is so good, for one. Yoshioka is really pretty and I guess not a completely terrible protag. I’d have to read the manga to see if it was her or Kou who make the triangle (since she at least TRIES to move on) awful. People have told me it’s Kou though and I would not be surprised. After Yuuri fell in love with Kou I stopped caring about her. Murao was okay but hey guess what awful love triangle ruins her too.

The whole thing was TRITE. I can’t even commend it for staying away from the creepy shoujo tropes because Kou does the Kyoya-on-the-bed, pinning her down and saying that she’s foolish for letting her guard down around men because she’s a weak girl and blah de blah blah. It didn’t even have that going for it.

There’s another shoujo next season and dear god I can only hope it’s better than this was. Though I doubt it’ll be as pretty. That may be the one thing Ao Haru Ride did have going for it, it’s looks.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

A show that was too good for this unworthy earth. It was a shining becaon of hope and glory in a dim, cruel world.

Who didn’t enjoy Nozaki-kun? Who was such a coldhearted miser that they didn’t love it? Don’t associate with those people. They will only drag you down.

With a wild, varied cast, there was someone for everyone. I still have trouble deciding on a favourite character. They were all so great and had such great dynamics among the group. There was a shippy element but it was always second to the comedy which was constantly on point.

The last episode was so sweet and cute and I wanted to bust through a sheet of glass from the sheer sweetness of it all.

I can’t really say much abotu Nozaki-kun in the end because I just loved it too much and I can’t think of anything to fault it for except perhaps not having a seocnd season announcement immediately following the end of the episode.

Still watching

Happiness Charge Precure

I keep following behind on this and then catching up all at once. I hated it at first because I loved Doki so much but it’s grown on me with the addition of Honey (who may be my favourite Cure after Heart) and Fortune.

The Hime x Seiji tease was awful and I really hope it’s endgame because Megumi x Seiji is bad and you should feel bad for liking it. Not that I care who Megumi ends up with but Hime x Seiji is 2legit2quit.

Also the episode where the Precure Hunter becomes Unlovely was really cool. It didn’t quite live up to the despair episode of Smile Precure and didn’t have the impact of Doki where Heart breaks down crying before steeling herself, but it was still really cool and made me feel bad because some scenes felt too seductive for a kids show and wow yeah.

Sailor Moon Crystal

After seven I’m really cursing the long wait for episodes. Especially because them figuring out who each other is totally different from how I remember it in the first anime. Well, I only saw the first anime when I was a kid so it was the heavily edited dub version but it’s still pretty different.

The wonky, derpyness and stiffness of characters has grown on me and I’m just accepting it for what it is now.

Didn’t finish but  will someday


Sabagebu was fun for a while. It constantly had me laughing but I can usually only do one comedy per season and when you’re airing at the same time as Nozaki-kun, well, you’re just out of luck. I liked the art style and colours used and Urara nad Momoka’s mom were both the best at the same time. I’d like to finish this one day but it’s not high on my priority list.


I watched Locodol on a whim and decided it wasn’t for me. I picked it up again when I saw just how gay they were. I hate yuribait but damned if it didn’t drag me in. There was a bit of a creepy, exploitive aspect that nagged at me but it was mostly super cute. I mean it was kind of bland and simple looking and I’ll probably forget about it eventually so I should finish it before I do.


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