Album Name: Femm-Isation
Release Date: 10/01/2014
Available on iTunes for 13.99

  1. We Flood The Night
    Not what I would have expected for the first track but hey. Was probably what I would have considered one of the more laidback and chill songs until their first ballad (track seven) had dropped. The chorus is the best while the in between parts fall a bit flat. Piano does give it a nice effect that’s a bit hard to describe though so the song itself is solid.
  2. Astro Boy (feat. Honey-B & W-Trouble)
    Now, I’ve heard Astro Boy a ton but only the remixes so this was my first time actually hearing the song proper despite it being their first EP. The official remixes on the single (which can also be purchased) are a lot more fun. They make the chorus sound a lot more exciting and just really make it pop where the un-remixed version is just okay. Check out the Sfpr remix on the single for the BEST version of this song.

    Honey-B and W-Trouble are the agents of the mannequins. The songs are sung by the mannequins Riri (Honey-B) and LuLa (W-Trouble) and all publicity and interviews is done by Honey-B and W-Trouble. It’s a bit strange but the dedication to their characters (even at public event appearances and concerts!) is a part of the charm of the group. The feat part (since I mean since they’re Riri and LuLa they’re in each song but never as those characters/themselves) is that they appear at the beginning of the music video as themselves and it’s pretty rad. Check it out for that and to see the girls showing off their sweet Jojo poses.
  3. Kill the DJ
    A track I love to pieces because this its just too ridiculously catchy and fun to dance along with. They take more liberties with messing with vocals that have some cool effects to go along with the snappy lyrics. Again, like track one there’s some interesting instrument use underneath the electropop with a string intrument giving a very, very subtle little kick. Not that it needed it but it’s a small thing that I love.
  4. Party All Night
    This is probably the track I’m least familiar with but I’m sure the Sfpr remix would be more satisfying. For the title and the song matter, it doesn’t seem pumped enough. It need a bit more oomph.
  5. The Real Thing
    Man, this song. This song makes me so nostalgic. It reminds me of a vague R&B/pop/ballad phase of magic from the late 90s and early 2000s that I recall being on the radio a lot. I might just be crazy but god it takes me back. The chorus is really good though the rest of it doesn’t stand out very much for me.
  6. Dead Wrong
    I always think I have mixed feelings about this song but it’s just that the PV was so lacking compared to the others. It’s catchy and I really like the lyrics but the song itself doesn’t stand up to some of the tracks following it here. The chorus is kind of lacking too.
  7. Unbreakable
    This was aforementioned first ballad. The PV is a bit strange since it’s still Riri and LuLu so the emotion of the song is so divorced from the imagery. The girls do sound lovely in a piano only track such as this. For this they definitely sound better in unison. The song itself is kind of plain, even for a ballad but that gives the vocals focus and of course the girls deliver.
  8. Girls Night Out
    Like track four, I think they could serve to have a bit more energy (the samples feel a bit out of place as a result) but as far as ladies boozing night theme songs go this is a pretty chillax choice and you could do worse.
  9. Kiss the Rain
    Another track that came before Unbreakable (since Unbreakable was really recent) that was really more mellow. I had listened to one of the remixes primarily before now and I really like that version better ~BUT~ there’s some nice instrumentation and sound on the parts leading up to the chorus that you don’t get in the remix. The wubwub in the chorus isn’t something that normally bothers me but it feels really, really out of place in this particular song and takes away a lot for me.
  10. Fxxk Boyz Get Money
    HERE IT IS. The pièce de résistance. I had heard of this song (but not listened to them) about a week before I actually heard of FEMM and listened to them properly. It was the second I had heard from them so it was still in a make or break state for me. Obviously they won me over hard with their catchy lyrics, aesthetic and all that. I remember not liking the way the fuck sounded when I first heard it but after listening to more and realizing it was a just a thing for this song, I got over it.

    I recall reading in an interview they were asked about this song in particular and Hobey-B and W-Trouble had said they’d received a lot of positive feedback from ladies about it. Apparently it’s super relatable and that’s rad. That’s just another reason I ended up loving this song so much. Not to mention it makes you feel so fierce and it’s catchy as hell.
  11. White Noise
    And here is my favourite track. This was the first track I had heard before FxxK Boyz. I still love it to pieces. It’s so goddamn good. The lyrics are, I know I sound like a broken record by now but, catchy and so fun to sing a long to. The wub that didn’t work in track nine is great here. The PV is probably my favourite too. Very tron-esque and fits how exciting and cool the song is.
  12. Whiplash
    This is a bit of an unusual case. Sfpr and Invaderous released their remixes before this was ever released. It’s inclusion on the album is it’s first release. But the remixes were so good that I thought it would be tough for it to stand on it’s own. But nah, it’s pretty great. The long oh’s held in the chorus sound so good. This is also another example of their lyrics being so on point and sounding so cool when they should sound silly.
  13. Wannabe
    I would have ended it on Whiplash but hey whatever, this is short. Again, more familiar with the remix. The few lines before the chorus with the emphasis on autotune and are drawn out and such a contrast to the fast-paced chorus is really cool. Lyrics are kind of different from their previous songs which are all about owning it and have an air of individuality to them. This one isn’t entirely vindictive per say but it’s still kind of negative? I’m glad this song is different in that regard but I’m more happy that the other songs aren’t like this one. Still, it sounds good so I can’t even complain?

Fang’s Rating:


So yeah I’m not happy with this post because I’m so biased because I already loved FEMM and all of these tracks. I ended up repeating myself a bunch.

Well anyways, I realize this is a lot different than the norm (I mean compared to what’s normally posted here) but eh. I’m disappointed they didn’t do a physical album. I would have gotten that instead. I also recommend checking out the offical remixes included on the singles for each song that are all available on itunes as well. They’re really good. Similarly, check out the PVs (below) as well.

I love FEMM a ton. I really do. But this album, as good as it was, showed me it’s the visuals and remixes that help make them so great. So if you’re new to the group, make sure to check out those Invaderous and Sfpr remixes too, maybe have a look at the PVs. They’re different at the very least.
Recommended tracks: 1, 3, 9, 10, ~11~, 12

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