Psycho-Pass 2 First Impressions

Psycho-Pass 2 gets its post for a number of reasons:

  1. Akane
  2. It was the show I was most excited about this season

I don’t know if I would call Psycho-Pass one of my favourite shows. I certainly have strong feelings about it and watched both the original and New Edit version but it doesn’t quite have the affection level to be considered a favourite. I think that will solely depend on how this season does. Which will be tough because no matter how this goes, it’s going to be the movie that puts a topper on the series. That’ll be the actual ending. So I’d have to consider all three when considering.

One reason I was really excited is that the show was going to focus on Akane and not Kougami. Though the focus on the first season went to both of them, it was Akane who was clearly the better character and anything to do with Kogami and Makishima was boring. If not boring, just frustrating.

But now Kogami and Makishima are gone (well maybe) and it’s Akane’s turn to take the stage. That’s exciting and terrifying. Exciting because I’m looking forward to seeing her in a role of power and control but also terrifying because though she’s hardened now, I fear this season will break her before the end of the season. I hope she doesn’t die and I don’t nesesarily see that happening but it’s also a worry.

And Kogami… well I was looking forward to him being gone and away and irrelevant from here on but the opening kind of makes me wonder if that’s still the case. If he does come back it’ll cause a whole slew of problems that may not be worth the trouble (interesting enough). Such as that he’s an enforcer who went on the run? Though from the OP if that’s him then it doesn’t look like he came back by choice.

Well with that, let’s talk about the OP that hints at this stuff. It’s packed to the brim with interesting visuals and imagery and I’m just so excited to see what they represent and how it relates into the show. But let’s have a look at some things now so that I can speculate and when the show is over in a few months I can laugh/cry about how wrong I was.

Showing your hand this early and that Togane is CLEARLY a villain/direct agent of Sibyl and not to be trusted is pretty ballsy. Well, season two is only 11 episodes so I guess it won’t take long to be revealed. Adding to that, the series will most likely end on a cliffhanger that will be resolved in the movie. Which will be so funny. So, so funny.


The use abundant of colour is meant to represent the hues of a person, I imagine. Akane’s (and I think Makishima?) hue manages to stay the same without her trying but his is probably just (free) white. My guess is WC? at the end (and if you go to the official website, it’s the splash page) is ‘what colour’ but that seems too obvious and it probably involves white some how but I can’t guess what the C would be.

The plane looks like our new villain and Kogami was traveling by sea, iirc. However the dual shot of Togane and Kogami (there’s no way that isn’t Kogami at least) makes me wonder if they had some connection prior. The shot afterwards of Shimotsuki and Akane both facing off with a captive Kogami (?) in the middle further enforces the idea that they’ll probably be forced to face each other at the end. I’m also thinking that if the new villain can change shape he will probably pretend to be Kogami. And probably Kagari too, while he’s at it and if he’s directly antagonizing Akane. Which I kind of hope is the case since I want a villain who challenges her directly.

If Kogami does come back or the villains motives were to lure him back and he did it for him I’ll be so pissed though. If Kogami is coming back I don’t him to be the focus, I want things to be Akane’s deal and he’s just an added problem. That seems impossible though because him coming back would just be such a big thing to deal with that he would get a lot of focus no matter what.

But because of that I think he’ll only show up confirmed at the end and then whoops cliffhanger for the movie. Funimation bring the movie here I’ll pay any price to get in. Tickets are $150 a piece? No problem. I’ll do it. Though I think it’s Aniplex that brings movies over here a lot and when they do, they bring it to my city. If Funi brought the movies to theaters, I doubt it would reach me. And because the movie would require the knowledge of the past two shows, it would be such a limited audience that I don’t think they ever would. Well, at least it’ll only be another year wait before we do see the movie subbed.

Shimotsuki was a surprise but not a very good one. She’s uncaring and condescending in a different way than Ginoza was. On top of that, she actively disagrees with Akane and is more of a cookie cutter agent who follows her job without thinking. Her “Akane, I think you’re wrong” line seems to imply to me that in the end they will directly face off. I don’t think that’s her in the opening because I’m hoping Akane doesn’t go rogue.

I’m thinking that she’ll be the one to notice Akane’s hue is unchanging and that’ll slowly worsen her hue. “Like how can she deal with it? What am I doing wrong that she’s doing?” and if it becomes clear that the new villain/the guy they brought in to investigate has a hue like Akane’s, will Shimotsuki begin to suspect something is wrong with Akane and that she cannot be trusted because she cannot be judged?

Man, I’m getting really ahead of myself and none of these things will probably happen, unfortunately. Maybe Shimotsuki will have some good development and change as Akane did. I kinda doubt it because of the lengths they went to to display the kind of person she is this episode.

A good surprise is how great Ginoza is now. I had disliked him in the first season even we learn and understand why he acts the way he does. Here he’s lost everything and he’s a lot more laidback and supportive as a result. I’m glad he doesn’t resent Akane. I had worried about that. Instead he supports her, even when it means putting himself in jeopardy.

Not to mention calling Shimotsuki ojou-san as his dad would have was a shot through the heart. That was when I knew that I really liked Ginoza now and that I would be sad when he dies horribly later on in the season.

The opening has ruined any ideas about Togane I might have gotten. Now I can only see him as a bad guy lying in wait to do bad guy stuff. Though he seems reasonable enough, it’s a farce and we know it. Or do we. Maybe that was a red herring and he’ll get owned without any real significance.

The other new guy, Hinakawa, I thought would just be Kagari 2.0 but he was actually kinda interesting despite not doing much? He’s really meek so it’ll be interesting to learn the reasonings behind why he became an enforcer. I think he had something to do with drugs so he might never have been a really agressive person either. Well hopefully in the short season they’re allotted, he’ll get some decent characterization.

I did like how it kind of related back to the first episode of season one where Akane doesn’t want to kill the lady so she paralyzes Kogami to stop him. She doesn’t want to kill this guy and she goes to great lengths to stop it from happening. But unlike episode one, it’s not entirely because of a softness or desire not to kill. Saying she wants to investigate him seems only partly true.

I’m hoping it’s because she does want to investigate him and not because Sibyl would be interested in someone like him and Akane was just helping Sibyl get to his juicy, juicy brain. Akane being against Sibyl while still acitvely working for it was another thing I was really excited about. And because Akane points out to by-the-books Shimotsuki that although Sibyl said the man was no longer needed and to kill him, Sibyl revoked that. That can a system that tells you to kill someone because they’re worthless and then retracts that sentiment really be trusted… because she still believes this, I don’t think she only did what she did to appease Sibyl and it is because she’s opposing it and trying to help people.

That’s the Akane I believe in.


So the show I was most looking forward to has not let me down and that’s great. Akane is still great and wonderful. It won’t be hard for the villain to be better than that pretentious loafer with no socks and capris (WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, NOBODY CAN PULL THAT OFF) wearing Makishima though I hope whatever he did at the end of the episode doesn’t turn out to be dumb and make no sense.

But yeah, because the opening has hinted at so many interesting things and the episode ends on a confusing, intriguing note I’m more hooked than ever before. I’m going to be counting down the days until the highlight of my week, Thursdays for this show, returns. 11 weeks of agony and then a year of waiting to see a movie. It’s a good thing I admire Akane so much or else I wouldn’t be able to take this at all.

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