Psycho-Pass S2 OP Comparison and Thoughts

(comparison as of episode three)

So from the moment season two started, I was enthralled by the spoilerific opening and went over it and over it trying to piece together ideas and theories. I got over it and proceeded to enjoy the episodes which have been super good so far. Then episode three aired. I had been distracted as the opening came on but when I looked back, I thought something seemed off so I kept watching it more closely and sure enough it was very different.

Not different in a big “new animation” way but different enough for it to ignite that spark curiosity again. There was already a lot of colour in the opening originally but now it’s being used to muddle and distort the images that were originally very clear and easy to see. In fact there’s nearly a filter (either a line screen tone kind of effect or pure static) on everything. I had wondered if they were just not done the OP in time but there’s no way this blurry, static mess would be the final product.

The repeat of Akane shielding her eyes usually ends on just her smiling but ends with her being shot. In the original you can faintly see but it’s so faded that you can hardly see it happening. Here it’s very vivid. However, I don’t necessarily think this means she’s going to get shot in the head (because that would be incredibly blatant huh) because it wasn’t from a dominator and the object that goes through her head doesn’t look like a bullet. I mean, it could totally be something else entirely but I just kind of doubt she’s actually going to have that happen to her.

It might not be notable since the whole Akane in the water/print on window/Shimotsuki flower scene is pretty heavily distorted as well but the Togane/Kogami scene is practically impossible to see especially compared to the vivid colour they used originally.

(There’s a lot more little stuff that just comes down to “this was blurry it was not before” or “this was unclear before but now it is” of course)

You might asked, “yo why does this matter at all?” if you weren’t watching the show, that is. This drastic change lines up with the episode where Shimotsuki doubts Akane, where Akane doubts herself and wonders if she can be going insane without her hue changing colour. Can you lose your mind when it broadcasts to the world just how healthy your mind is? Where her mental state is called into question, the OP goes full crazy. It’s a pretty interesting thing for them to have done and I appreciate it.

Actual thoughts on the episode though:

Ginoza’s worry about Akane is troubling and hard to watch because he was there when Kogami did the exact thing Akane is doing now and Ginoza knows first hand how that ended up. That’s why I think it’ll be Ginoza (or Shimotsuki, no one else besides those two) who finally point out that Akane’s hue never changes and it never gets worse. I would imagine this leads to Shimotsuki turning on Akane because how can someone that Sibyl can’t judge be trusted with Sibyl’s own judgement and power?

I would like to believe Ginoza is a good enough guy now that he wouldn’t turn on Akane for this, since he is worried about her. Shimotsuki, however, is so loyal to Sibyl that I think she would see Akane as a traitor. Especially since she’s jealous of her relationship with the chief (ha).

If it does go the route where Akane loses her mind and goes insane while still appearing fine and with a healthy hue, I will be disappointed. I mean it would be incredibly interesting but I don’t want Akane to end up like that. Though I imagine no matter how far she falls she’ll pick herself up, heal herself and rehabilitate herself because she doesn’t rely on or is controlled by Sibyl. Which might be what it takes to stop Shimotsuki from being a blind sheep?

There’s still the question of where Kogami will play into all of this. The OP references him twice so it’s only a matter of time, right? What if, just what if, Kogami doesn’t come back and the scene with Akane and Shimotsuki both facing each other when he disappears means he was never there, Akane was chasing something that doesn’t exist and it’s a part of her going crazy? The the scene where he and Togane are beside each other is just Togane taking Kogami’s place and filling the void for her? Kogami never returns (until like the movie or the last episode w/e) and it’s all just a part of Akane going off the deep end?

Haha that’s pretty farfetched. That would be silly! Kogami will return and have some connecting to Togane (was the Chief telling Akane that a red herring so Akane doesn’t suspect Togane has some connection to the Chief or does Togane actually not and he just maybe knows the truth of Sibyl?) because Togane is evil or blah blah blah.

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