12 Days of Anime: #03 – Honey Baton

I’ll admit, I haven’t been big on Happiness Charge Precure. I’m weeks behind. Like at least a month. I’m planning on marathoning it at the end of the month when I’m working less for the holidays. But I love me some Cure Honey. From her delightful bouncy looking hair, her song about rice, to even Rita Kitagawa’s lovely voice, there’s so much to love about Cure Honey. But one thing sold her. The highlight of the episode, every time she used it.

Looking at the above image, you may wonder why one baton would be a highlight of the year for me. With that baton, Cure Honey is able to use the most ridiculous, OP attack I’ve ever seen and reaffirmed everything I love about Precure.

Bless you, Honey. You’re a treasure and the most important Cure of all.

There’s another Precure entry on another day so it’s safe to say that if this didn’t thoroughly crush any competition, the surprisingly hot Unlovely vs Lovely fight would have been on this list. However, while I didn’t find it hard to justify three different Precure entries, I did find it in poor taste to include one for such a shameful reason. So sorry Unlovely vs Lovely.

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