12 Days of Anime: #04 – The Background and Circumstances of a Certain Family

I actually finished watching this at the end of 2013 but since that was after the 12 Days and during the last week of the year, I think it’s safe to include it. I finished it JUST in time to claim it as my AOTY last year and I stand by that.

This was one of those shows that I almost missed (much like my AOTY for 2014!!) but THANKFULLY because of twitter gushing about it, I decided to watch it. It was great. If I recall correctly, I probably cried like a baby.

It was a beautiful show that was confusing even after my second rewatch. Obviously by then, without the shock of episode 9, it didn’t pack as powerful a punch in the emotions department but I enjoyed it all the same.

All this being said (it’s actually a bit hard for me to talk a lot about because I watched it so long ago), one moment that stands out to me even now and that I think about a lot is genki Koto breaking down and crying and saying that everyone always wants her to solve their problems but she has her own too. It was so unexpected from a character like her and made her so much more real. I just think about it from time to time.

Oh man I’m gonna rewatch this again in 2015. TOO BAD NOBODY LICENSED IT AND I CAN’T OWN IT

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