12 Days of Anime: #06 – The Gayest I’ve Ever Been


Following up my post about a ‘controversial’ music video about shitty nerds who try to limit and control female sexuality, my next day post is about how thirsty I am for a character who doesn’t speak a single word from a shitty show that everybody hates.

Let’s get the record straight. I don’t think RWBY is good at all. It’s a decent enough time killer if only for the excellent choreography in it’s fight scenes. It’s also fanservice because I’m such a big Rooster Teeth fan. It’s a shame that it’s so blasé-anime. It wants to be an anime so it does everything cliche and done and nothing new or interesting. It has the chance to be progressive and creative but wastes it on bad, insensitive jokes and done to death stories. RvB gets so emotional and intense and so well done and it’s a goddamn show that started in Halo multiplayer. How is this as generic, unfunny and bad as it is? How is that possible?

Hey well, let’s look on the bright side. Neo.

Neo is introduced earlier but just a glimpse of her is seen and she doesn’t do anything. When she does appear to finally do something, she still doesn’t speak but the fight that ensues is so goddamn good and I was sweating bullets because something about it was so alluring. A mix of her graceful movements, her wonderful character design/outfit and her constant smug expression had this minor villain not only steal the show for me but also instil the idea of beautiful Neo/Yang hatesex into my mind and was the best part of a mediocre second season (though lots of Joel was great because hearing him in a just slightly more serious role was nice).

Hopefully she’s back next season and she still makes my heart go doki doki.


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