12 Days of Anime: #10 – Saying Hi to Old Friends

Cure Heart

Cure Peach

While Happiness Charge might not have been my favourite thing in the world, the first 33ish episodes all had something very special to them. To celebrate the series 10th anniversary, they had all the Cures from past series appear with original voice actors and new animation to say a line or two as the opening started.

It was so exciting waiting to see if it would be a favourite, to see what series it would be from and just remember the good times associated with that character. It was such a treat and I’m glad they did something like that. It would be nice if they continue to do things with the older characters but I guess I’ll just be content that we’re still getting All Star movies after all.

Plus it meant we got to see March play with her hair again.

Cure March

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