Legend of Korra Final Impressions

I'm not crying, I swear

I can’t believe it’s over. I can’t believe almost everything else was wrapped up in a satisfying way. I can’t believe that a show that started off so terribly and seemed to only get worse, some how got so amazing.  I can’t believe it ended that way. And I can’t believe how happy I am.

(I’ve already talked about the other seasons so I’m only focusing on season four rather than a complete series finale)

This season started off really interestingly with the timeskip, Korra disappearing and distancing herself and having serious trauma to overcome. Her story kind of got less iinterestingonce Bolin and Varrick jumped ship but from either her stories or theirs, I was consistently entertained.

Kuvira wasn’t as great a villain as the group from last season or even Amon. Still, she wasn’t as bad as season two and was “charismatic” enough to at least be pretty cool.

But ignoring Korra and Kuvira, season four was great for minor side characters. Prince Wu was only introduced this season and was just a dumb joke character but became responsible and admirable. I absolutely loved his final act as king with the badger mole’s and his songs. His development wasn’t completely sudden but you could notice him changing. It didn’t feel unnatural, even though he was such a new character.

Varrick is another character who has been around for several seasons and has always been there to advance the plot and be comedic. Likewise, Zhu Li has never done much besides being the butt of a joke. So seeing her turn sides (though I knew and hoped she wasn’t really going down with that ship) and then return was such an interesting turn for her character. And though it was something I had never really considered before, I quickly fell in love with Varrick/Zhu Li as a pairing. (Someone pointed out that he went with a ring, her nation’s tradition, rather than a waterbending necklace for his proposal and if you don’t think that’s the cutest thing will I don’t know what to tell you)

That only made the last two episode even better with the adorable proposal and adorable wedding. I’m surprised that they managed to have their relationship be so cute and make both of their once one-note personalities become so fulfilling and interesting. They’ve come far from season one and two where the relationship drama made those seasons even more awful and worse.

Let’s not dance around the big thing here. Korrasami happened. It’s canon. The pairing I had shipped knowing it was never to be, suddenly was happening.

I see people, both non Makorra shippers and not, denying it and saying they’re just friends. I don’t think these people understand how important these two being girlfriends are. It’s not about “oh these two look good together” or “better than mako, right”. It’s incredibly validating and makes me so happy. It makes a lot of people happy. To be acknowledged in a children’s show of all places! And what a wonderful message that is and to show children.

It’s a shame, then, that this wasn’t on TV. It won’t reach as wide of a younger audience and I won’t be able to stop wondering ever if this would have happened or not if Nick hadn’t pulled it from the air.

Well, whatever the case may be, I’m happy. These two had so much love for each other as shown throughout this season. That much is undeniable. That’s why them being a couple shouldn’t be too surprising. (The ending also mirrors the ending of the first series where it pans away from Aang/Katara’s kiss so just cause they didn’t smooch then doesn’t mean it wasn’t gonna happen)

And that final scene is so beautifully done. The music selection and them just walking silently hand in hand and then gazing at each other… I watched that scene over and over and over and I’d tear up as soon as the music started playing because I was just so happy.

What with Varrick/Zhu Li, Korra/Asami and everyone else being super okay, I’m kind of forgetting to be sad about it being over. And don’t get me wrong, I am! I’m happy with the ending and I know things were resolved so another season would be too much. But when will we get another show like this?

One that was like a fine wine and got better as time went on, with characters that went from unlikable to a cast I downright loved (alright, Mako not so much). With lots of representation, great action, solid comedy (Wakfu is at times too immature and only Meelo was consistently unfunny), and with really great music? With a female character who was all over the place and not always the most likable but grew into a respectable hero, a respectable woman.

It might be a very long time.

In the end, season one was just OK and season two was ridiculously awful. People often ask me if they should just skip those seasons and no, don’t. I don’t think the later seasons will be quite as amazing without all that backing it up. Maybe the later seasons only seem so great BECAUSE of how bad the first two seasons were but I’m choosing to believe that isn’t the case.

And I also, for the record, enjoyed it more than Avatar: The Last Airbender. I think I did. It’s hard to say. The first two seasons of Korra were awful but ATLA had a lot of parts that felt like filler and weren’t that interesting either. Both had great characters and great individual stories. But over all, I think Korra was more satisfying. It was more relatable, anyways.

It wasn’t always the most pleasant ride but it was worth it for the end result. I’m glad these last two seasons ended up so good and I’m so grateful for the ending. I never thought I’d get so sappy about a show (and especially this one if you had asked me in 2013!) but I’ll miss you, Legend of Korra. Thank you for this ending.

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