Loli Salad’s Bi-Monthly Music Feature: Volume #12

Hina Kagiyama

Another short one. I haven’t had much time lately. Well now I have plenty of time and plenty of stress, which isn’t helpful for posts like these. Maybe next year we’ll have our act together.

Babbe Music – Last of the Year

Last of the Year

I featured Babbe in the first feature a year ago in November and we’ll finish 2014 with a short release from them because everything comes together in the end.

Last of the Year is well, just that. A quickie before the new year. Notably, it does feature two reworks of past tracks. One happens to be my ever favourite Blühende Nacht but unfortunately, I just don’t like the new focus on the vocals. Luckily, the original is still great. However, LUNA DIAL (2014 Rework) sounds a lot more polished and well done, where as the original was only alright. So you win some, you lose some. Chinese Tea is pretty similar to LUNA DIAL but with a surprising emphasis on orchestral sounds and it works really nicely.

The titular track, Last of the Year, is super catchy with english lyrics and a chorus that sounds so familiar that it kills me every time I hear it. It’s everything I love most from Babbe though, fun songs you can dance to with surprisingly charming vocals.

As always, available for purchase on bandcamp.

Dengou Sekka! Anison Cover Mix!!


Quite a hefty mahou shoujo themed tracklist. Worth the 1000 yen if only for that fact. There are two Precure tracks. Why does プリキュア5、スマイルGOGO! seem to get covered so much? Is it simply because it’s older? I don’t find it that great. Well, that one is better than DANZEN! ふたりはプリキュア whose Korosuke’s vocals really don’t stand up against the eurobeat remix of the classic Pretty Cure opening.

Usa is a utaite I’m pretty fond of so I really enjoyed the maturity she brought to the Madoka Magica opening コネクト. She also does Magia which has the superior arrangement of the two. She also does Innocent Starter and like Connect, her voice bring something refreshing to the Nanoha song.

There are quite a few Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha tracks, including the movie and StrikerS ones (which I’m grateful for since the StrikerS songs are my favourite openings from the series). MASSIVE WONDERS has a great vocalist that I’m having trouble finding much else on.

Aside from staples Cutie Honey (I love what they did for the Cutie Honey track so much) and Moonlight Densetsu, there’s also some more older songs such as Sally the Witch, Himitsu no Akko-chan and two Magic Knight Rayearth songs. Strangely enough, there are two Shugo Chara tracks and even Moetan but not one Doremi track. Very disappointing.

DECOUS*UKi – Yukiiro Flavor Piece

A colab between DECO*27, kous, yuxuki waga and sasakure.UK. Included not because I think it’s spectacular (I’ve never been a big fan of kous) but because it’s just nice and there’s no better time to listen to it than during a bright white winter.

Winter Drive is an upbeat track with vocals by Cie and guitar provided by DECO*27. It’s fun and her vocals are so light and fluffy. Cie also does 珈琲ミルク  which isn’t as cheerful a song. But here her sound manages to give the song some surprising gravity instead of warmth as in the first track. She’s very versatile and lovely, is what I’m getting at.

The other vocalist, ef, is wonderful too. Quiet is a laidback acoustic ballad track and is pretty much what I meant for this being the best season to listen to this in. It definitely manages to fill me with the image of snow falling and even though her vocals are also very warm sounding. She gets an upbeat song too that definitely feels like sasakure.UK’s stuff. It feels a bit more unique compared to the other track by not being as traditional. But hey, all four of the vocal tracks are superb.

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