Winter 2015 First Impression

(featuring: Kantai Collection, Kamisama Kiss S2, Sisterment, Boeibu, Saekano, Durarara!!x2, Rolling Girls)


A season with two good shoujo shows airing? A sequel to a show I loved for years ago? Milky Holmes is good again? Interesting original shows? 2015 is off to a really promising start.  DON’T BLOW IT.

Kantai Collection


I’ve always been ambivalent about Kancolle. There are some cute designs, sure. I especially like the Abyssal fleet. And I own a lot of Kancolle merch for someone who claims not to really like the series.

I don’t like it because the idea of your presh waifu being the embodiment 1 of a warship that was used in wars and actually killed real people. Forgive me but that idea creeps me out. 2 What creeps me out more is that you actually marry the characters in game, the battle damage, etc There’s lots of things to criticize the series for. Which I realize not everyone may agree with but eh, whatever. Enjoy your ship waifus. I’m not here to stop you.

There were panty shots and “battle damage” in the first episode too but they weren’t over the top. It wasn’t so obnoxious that it was distracting.

There’s nothing particularly special about this outside of the hype surrounding the series and it’s kind of ridiculous premise. The animation is nice and the CG isn’t too awkward. The plot seems like it’s going to be weak as focusing on Fubuki and even Akagi seems real boring. Actually a lot of the characters seem real boring. Oops.

To be honest even though I wasn’t bored during the first episode, I feel like it’s kind of… entry level. Not to sound pretentious or elitist but I can imagine, say, SAO fans being ALL ABOUT this. It’s flashy, has little substance and the characters are blandly bland bland. I’m still going to watch it because I’m trash but hey, I’m not expecting anything memorable or good from this show at all.

Yuri Kuma Arashi

Yuri Kuma Arashi

My thoughts on Yuri Kuma Arashi got the best of me and it ended up with it’s own post.

Kamisama Kiss

I didn’t realize how much I missed Kamisama Kiss until I heard that new amazing Hanae OP and saw how cute Nanami is and how much is going to go on this season and UGH I’m so glad there’s a second season.

But really as excited as I am, this is like fluffy, delicious comfort food. There’s not much to say about it. It may not be the best but I can’t get enough of it.

Ami Nekota

A few things:

The monkey kid seems like a groan worthy addition. Hopefully he isn’t as annoying as he looks in the OP. There looks to be a lot of Tomoe drama this season which is a disappointment because if it’s not about their relationship, I’d rather they focus on Nanami than him. First episode didn’t have many of the side characters from S1 besides Ami which made me happy because she’s so cute and I hope they use her more.

(aka Testament of Sister New Devil)


You would have to pay me cold hard cash to get me to touch this show again.

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE!

I was conflicted about this show. I viewed magical girls as a thing sacred to girls and that putting men in them was exasperating and annoying. However I fully realized this was only done to the pleasure of females and that most men benefit nothing from this. So I was seriously conflicted about how I felt about this show.

I wouldn’t have watched it on my own because I’m kind of glad I did. It laid to rest any negative feelings I might have had. I guess I expected the series to be played straight.

This, however, was ridiculous and silly. It was funny for sure and those Nichibro vibes were thankfully evident. I did groan at first when it seemed like one of those comedies but it ended up being enjoyable. I don’t know yet if I’ll watch it further but hey, maybe for those down times when I’m caught up on everything.

(Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata)

Eriri Spencer Sawamura

Well colour me surprised. This was some real good harem garbage. It’s meta as hell and it’s female characters all have a slight… nasty? Edge to them? Which isn’t really uncommon with things like Haganai and Snafu but it was enjoyable nonetheless.

Two of the female characters in particular really stood out to me. One is Eriri Spencer Sawamura because she hits SO many of my moe points that shoots her into waifu potential. Blonde twintails? 3 Fang? Wears zettai ryouiki with shorts? A++


I’m not big on the tsundere archetype and she lacks a notable seiyuu or else she’d be perfect. I’m worried that all the girls besides Katou will be less interesting and blah blah harem members. Utaha is kind of interesting for her sharp tongue but unless she’s using that tongue on Eriri, I could care less.

And Katou! I remember reading her character description on like MAL where the main character professes that he loves her but she’s so bland that he can’t understand why he fell in love with her. Something like that. And I TOTALLY understand. She’s so endearing and sweet despite lacking presence and doing very little.

But she’s cute and goes along with the antics of the others, despite not knowing what she should do. And I just was so happy whenever she did anything. If the show plays down the harem aspect and focuses more on her relationship with the dumb male lead, I might actually be super interested in that. Considering there’s another girl not introduced and the way the other girls were trying to ride that dick in this episode, I don’t really see that happening at all. In that case, heck, focus on Katou in general and I’ll be super interested.

Kato Megumi

I hadn’t known about the game making aspect of this show until I actually started watching it. I thought it was about way less plot and more harem shenanigans. So that was a surprise. Does that and the witty meta commentary make this enough to be a noitaminA show? Like seriously? This is what noitaminA shows now? Is their goal still to air anime that would appeal to people who don’t normally watch anime or did that go out the air three years ago?

Well whatever. I did enjoy the main episode though mostly for Katou, to be honest. I’m normally a “main heroine” kinda girl but all of the girls are pretty interesting (I could do without the cousin). Will I keep watching? Hard to say. I got a lot of things to watch right now but, let’s be real, I’m also a disgusting NEET right now with nothing but time on my hands.


Before watching, I thought “why did I love this show so much as a teenager?” I recall loving it so much. But I also loved Kanketsu-hen around that time so really I don’t trust seventeen year old me 4. Oh my god I was seventeen when this aired. I don’t know why but I feel kinda old now.

ANYWAYS, as soon as the episode started I remembered why I loved the series so much back then. The atmosphere and characters. The series kind of dragged when it focused on boring Kida but this episode reminded me how fun it could be too. It reminded me how adorable Celty is too. But it also showed off a bunch of new characters and I’m hella interested in hearing all of their stories and how it relates to everyone else.

At first I felt overwhelmed because, you know, four years. I don’t remember everything that happened in a show I watched four years ago and have watched hundreds of shows since. But the show did a great job of reminding us and refreshing us on what happened without being intrusive and shoving too much information down our throats at once.

And now I’m just excited! I’m excited to see all these characters and relationships again. I’m excited to see characters who didn’t make it into the first season but will no doubt get focus here. It makes me a bit more excited for the release of the light novels too. And glad I didn’t cave and read the manga in those four years.

Rolling Girls

Rolling Girls

I was pretty excited for this because a show that is visually reminiscent of Kyousougiga but also an original work? Neato. And it didn’t disappoint. I expected it to be a lot more slice of life but there seems to be underlying drama that is incredibly exciting to me.

It’s still a bit hard to say what direction this will go but I’m excited to find out. I think comparing it to Kill la Kill is a bit silly but I guess it would be cool if it went as ridiculously dumb as that show did later on.

But yeah, I can’t really say much right now? It’s unique and pretty and has some cool character designs but I’m mostly interested in that sweet, sweet, drama. Let’s see how that pans out or if it’s bait and switch and really going to be a lot more laidback as things go on.


  1. I guess they just possess the soul of or w/e
  2. I don’t agree with everything in this post but it sums up some of my feelings as an outsider looking in pretty well.
  3. Twintails are not a requirement but appreciated with blonde girls okay
  4. And seriously the old posts from around the time of Durarara are so embarrassing oh my god I might just delete them

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