Exit Trance presents Speed Anime Trance Best THE FINAL

Speed Anime Trance Best The Final

This is it folks. The final one. I’ve bemoaned having to do this series for a long time but really I could have stopped at any time. However, honestly it brings in the most people and I’ve enjoyed talking to everyone over the years about the albums as they come out. People letting me know the album is out, anticipating my post and then chatting about what songs we liked best. I liked all those things so I did these posts even as I grew more and more disenchanted with the series.

So I’m not that sad it’s over. And I know I keep saying this but I do have another really big Exit Trance post that has been a draft for probably at least a year now. Maybe that’ll come out eventually.

Artist/Circle: EXIT TUNES (Quake Records)
Release Date: 01/07/2015
Website: http://anitra.jp/title/final.html

  1. IGNITE / plazma feat. 405
    plazma’s work is enjoyable here but 405 doesn’t really hit the mark for me. There’s something about her voice here that’s just grating. Lately I haven’t enjoyed the tracks she’s been in but I know she doesn’t sound awful so it’s a shame. Well, it was a awful Eir Aoi song to begin with so there was only so much they could do.
  2. SKYREACH / Hommarju feat. YURiE
    Last album and they couldn’t even pick some good songs to cover, huh. But I do like YURiE sounds pretty decent, I suppose. Maybe not the direction I would have went for but hey whatever. Hommarju’s track is really good too. So two for two on the songs being well done but the original tracks just being so bland and awful that it doesn’t matter how great their covers are.
  3. 共鳴のTRUE FORCE / Icon feat. Latte
    Man, Blade Dance! That sure was an anime with great music that I’m sure everyone loved, right? Right? Do I sound bitter? Do I? Again, Latte and Icon do sound good but the song is bleh. Well, actually Icon’s work sounds a bit better than Latte. She actually sounds kind of slurred and muffled and it really distracts from the song as a whole.
  4. 東京ゼロハーツ / MARS feat. R.Cena and Natsuhi
    Duet with R.Cena and Natsuhi with the track done by MARS? This actually ended up sounding pretty cool though. The backing vocals outside of the chorus were a really nice effect (not as impressive in the chorus, though) and the song holds up pretty well. Though it’s definitely the interesting vocals that make it.
  5. GO TIGHT! / Ryu☆ feat.MAKI
    So they threw in some older tracks too. Probably as a look back but I kind of feel they just wanted to half-ass it because they really want to get this out of their line up. Like, I couldn’t find any mention of this on the Exit Tunes website at all. Anywho, this is back from volume three. Maybe I should redo those older albums because I said Maki sounds like Saki Fujita? Uh… ANYWAYS, I do understand putting a first generation vocalist like Maki who went on to do other stuff for Exit Tunes. Shame they couldn’t have picked on of her better tracks though.
  6. THEME FOR PANTY & STOCKING /Hommarju feat.Yusuke
    Seriously what was the basis for the songs they chose from older albums? Did they just pick random ones? Did they pick their favourites? Artists choice would have been a nice touch but I seriously doubt it’s anything like that. Well, uh, it’s a four minute remix of a 30 second song by Hommarju of all people. It could have been a lot worse back then.
  7. moving soul / DJ Sa9 feat. Latte
    Wow. Is this really the same Latte as track three? She sounds great here! Especially for a Minami Kuribayashi cover. She nails it. Was initially kind of disappointed the song wasn’t as good as her vocals but it’s not bad by any means. And I guess it even does a few interesting things.
  8. ライオン / B.U.S feat. Maki
    All these older songs are doing is making me go back and look at older posts and want to punch myself for being such an annoying kid back then. I have more of an appreciation for Macross Frontier now so I enjoy this more than I did back then. I think it’s impressive that Maki did both Sheryl and Ranka by herself (I guess? I mean they still just list her) so that’s always impressive.
  9. 君じゃなきゃダメみたい / MK feat. LTT
    Haha oh boy. OH BOY. This just doesn’t click with me. I love MK but this just doesn’t feel right for the song. Not to mention LTT’s vocals sound kind of muffled and warbly and I don’t like that. The original had such… crisp? Crisp sounding vocals. I guess it’s not awful but this just doesn’t do it for me.
  10. BEYOND THE TIME メビウスの宇宙を越えて/ Starving Trancer feat. Hideki
    Alright, someone let me know: is this from a past album? I can’t find it, if it is. It seems like a weird choice if not. Well, Hideki does a good(ish) job of sounding pretty close to the original, really. Glad they didn’t shoehorn any sax in. That would have been weird.
  11. unravel / Dizzi Mystica feat. Yusuke
    Man, I know this isn’t the easiest song to cover (actually I’ve heard a lot of great covers) but ehhhh. I REALLY like the song remix though. It’s both unsubtle and laid back at the same time. The vocals just sound so awkward. They shouldn’t have tried imitate TK. It’s very embarrassing.
  12. HEAVENLY BLUE / Dizzi Mystica feat. YURiE and MFMW
    Wow, if track 11 wasn’t bad enough. This is the most karaoke thing I’ve ever heard. Such a rush to get this series in the grave, they didn’t bother listening to this? Like they don’t sound in sync at all. I can’t even pay attention to the song because they’re so distracting. And neither of them are bad vocalists but the way this track is done is just so bad.
  13. 花ハ踊レヤいろはにほ / Flash back Dominant feat. 猫体質+YURiE
    This sounds fantastic after those last two trainwrecks. YURiE sounds much better here than in her previous appearances on this album. A perfect mix of a more mature sound and a cutesy sound. The song itself isn’t super special 1 but the piano is a real nice touch.
  14. ハレ晴レユカイ / Ryu☆ feat. Ma15
    “Hey, about for our last album, instead of putting our good older tracks, we just put awful ones?” 2 The guy who said that probably got a raise and they just did that. Ma15 sounds pretty bad here but she got better, I think.
  15. ぴてぃぱてぃサバイバード/ Motion Combat feat. maburu-choko+SAYURI
    OH MAN. What a treat. The Sabagebu ED was one of my favourite songs last year. It’s just a shame that SAYURI and maburu-choko don’t seem to have the cute enthusiasm needed for this song. The chorus sounds pretty good but the solo parts aren’t that great. Motion Combat is an unfamiliar name and I wonder if it was an alias for this song because of the (neat) gun sound effects? Well, the song wasn’t anything fancy but it wasn’t bad. Competent song arrangement and remixes all around.
  16. LΦVEST / Tsukemen Prince feat.LTT+桜井三郎
    Was there really two vocalists? It was hard to hear, haha. Like, they really didn’t utilize them both very well. Or they just sounded a lot alike. Maybe I’m going crazy.
  17. コネクト / plazma feat.Nahoko
    Another way to guess what tracks they were going to throw on this would be by the original’s popularity. Connect and Hare Hare Yukai make sense but uh, GO TIGHT and the PSG theme? Maybe not. Well, I wasn’t super impressed with this originally and I guess I’m not now either. It was very underwhelming for such a big song back then. Still think they should have used that piano a bit more.
  18. それは僕たちの奇跡 / Ryu☆ feat.Prim
    “What? You’re still working on that SATB album? Just throw a track from the album before this on there, who cares. Now get out of my office. We have three new VOCALOID albums to release tomorrow”. A rough dramatization of how I imagined this went down. This track is from 22, the album before this one. Not going to include one of the other Love Live tracks? This one isn’t bad but seriously? Seriously, like, 22 came out less than four months ago. Seriously?

Fang’s Rating:


Well if there’s any wonder why this series is dead, this puts it to rest. They simply don’t care. They want to put their time and money towards other things and good on you guys, then. I’d rather you didn’t bother than put in half the effort and pump out soulless tracks like some of these. The older tracks don’t even paint a good picture of “oh yeah, remember the good times”. They picked random, mediocre tracks that don’t do the series justice at all.

Don’t get me wrong. I did enjoy some tracks a whole lot over the years. And there aren’t a whole lot of other cover/remix series like this that do such a wide range of tracks. Although like this album proved, that wasn’t always for the best.

So no, maybe I won’t miss this music so much but I will miss the interactions it brought. RIP in peace, Speed Anime Trance Best.
Recommended tracks: 4, 7


  1. that’s why you are here with me
  2. Maybe they did that so that we would understand why the series is dead.


  • anon

    January 12, 2015

    The legacy ends. Sad that it wasnt good. :(

  • Gaardus

    January 12, 2015

    Beyond the Time is from Speed Anime Trance bitter. It’s from the “Fang-tan still likes this series” era; you might enjoy giving it a listen. http://anitra.jp/title/bitter.php

  • Gaardus

    January 12, 2015

    (And I have to defend the choice of final track; Ryu started the series, doing all of CSATB, so it makes sense to end with him, too. Really, the only repeat that makes sense.)

  • Diziyyuki

    January 13, 2015

    Okay, yeah…I guess you could end with Ryu*’s final song for the series, but it would’ve been cool if he made one specifically for this release instead of re-using a faint track from the last album.

    Kind of ticked that this was an underwhelming release but honestly I saw it coming too.

    Favorite tracks: 1, 16 (sort of), 17

  • Fang-tan

    January 15, 2015

    @Gaardus – Oh yeah, I’ve never listened to Bitter. A lot of the side releases slipped under my radar and I’m trying to catch up on them, especially the older ones like this. I’ll give it a listen because it might be more interesting than SATB was.

    @Diziyyuki/Gaardus – Yeah, I guess I missed the significance of that final track. Fair enough. Agreed though that it would have been nice for one last new Ryu* track. But alas.

  • pspost

    March 22, 2015

    This series was good until #12-14 I think.
    The best were #1-#7: CAMRY, MAKI, Ma15…
    Music was really cool and not boring.

  • Fang-tan

    March 23, 2015

    I think the series dropped off a bit before 12 (around 7 is about right) so I pretty much agree. Heck, the series is over and I’m STILL sad about the lack of CAMRY.

  • Anonymous

    March 16, 2017

    As most have said the series really started going downhill. Whatever happened to CAMRY? She kind of just disappeared from anything EXIT TRANCE related. I enjoyed a lot of their earlier works, but their recent songs aren’t that great unfortunately.

  • Fang-tan

    May 16, 2017

    Honestly, CAMRY leaving was a big problem I had for a very long time. I *think* she preformed under her actual name, Yukari Hyougo, for some other Exit Trance (or maybe just Quake?) works but I’ve never looked into her actual career so I’m not sure.

    I think that even to the end there were definitely still good tracks scattered around but overall it did get largely boring by the end.

  • Doc-S

    October 1, 2017

    Yukari Hyougo went to work for N.O.-SYO. She appeared on his J-POP remix album (which I highly recomend) and she did an album with Britney Hamada who sang Night of Fire with Mayumi Morinaga (MAKI).
    She released this last year too.

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