Akatsuki no Yona Second OP and ED

Akatsuki no Yona

Despite everything good airing this season, Akatsuki no Yona continues to be my favourite show. It’s a bit disheartening to realize they’re not going to get anywhere close to facing Su-won but apparently the manga isn’t even close to that point, from what I’ve heard.

Actually, I had never really looked at the studio before now. Being done by Pierrot does explain why it’s 2 cour, kind of. They seem a lot more focused on providing a quality show rather than a preview for the manga or light novel (as well as having done plenty of other shows directed at women that ended up with multiple seasons). Maybe Soredemo will even get a second season when it has more chapters then. Still, I’d much, much, much rather have more Yona than another season of Soredemo even though the desert arc is kind of interesting.

(That arc in Soredemo is interesting but if I recall correctly, ends up with more trite Bad Shoujo gimmicks like ‘oh she is so cool and strong and shit we love the rain I must have her so go to hell shota king’)

Alright, wildly off topic. I’m actually going to talk about what I had planned to originally. The new OP and ED.

the old OP

the new op

I was excited for the new stuff but I had no idea they were going to go in that direction for the OP. The original is a nice intrumental piece that highlights that this is an action adventure show before a shoujo one. And I will never stop complaining how there are two versions of the first OP. One that’s static (that’s the good one) and one with the static images moving awkwardly. It bothered me every time I saw it.

The second OP is WILDLY different. Like, just listening to the two different songs even I feel like they should be from different shows. And it’s confusing for a lot of reasons. One being the obvious disconnect from the first and ok I get that, it happens and this isn’t the first series to do something like that. It seems a bit out of place for the opening especially considering they reuse a lot of animation from the first one so that feeling is still there.

Secondly, this being my first introduction to the group Cyntia, I assumed they were a just some J-pop girl group. They’re actually a rock band? Or they were one at some point. You absolutely cannot tell that from Akatsuki no Hana, though. Nothing against the song. I like it a lot. It kind of has a 90s j-pop feel to it, I think.

Akatsuki no Hana

Akatsuki no Hana

Akatsuki no Hana

this scene is prob a big ruse and she doesn’t kill anyone because she is virtuous and good but nah I think she’s totally gonna just arrow this guy in the face

I do like the new parts in it. The end of the OP shows heavy focus on a ship arc or something (I imagine the show will end on ‘we did it, we got a boat, now we can- SHOWS OVER GET OUT) and it looks like Yona straight up murders a guy? That’s radical. Keep being a stone cold badass, Yona. inb4 they never even acquire yellow dragon

The second ED is by Akiko Shikata. I’ve only heard her back when I was mad into Umineko (a dark time for everyone involved) and recently when I heard very little of the Cross Ange soundtrack. So this, with an eastern feel rather than her typical gothic one, does seem like an unusual track for her. Of course, still like it. Just not as much as the OP.

the new ed

I wasn’t a huge fan of the first ED though it did fit the series nicely, I guess. I did like the shots of all the gang and I’m a bit disappointed this one is really rather plain (it reminds me of the second Kamisama Kiss ED actually). Well, the song makes up for it I guess.

But haha, the single for the ED doesn’t come out until April 29th. So I’m probably going to overlisten to that song and hate it by the time the single comes out in 94 goddamn days. The OP is more reasonable and comes out on February 18th on Cyntia’s fourth album. I assume it’ll be more in the styling of what Akatsuki no Hana is rather than their past rock stuff? Well, to be honest I like Akatsuki no Hana better anyways so that might be a nice treat.


  Bitch Brigade


AND ANOTHER THING. I can’t believe we’re wasting precious episodes on Su-won instead of finding this Junichi Sawabe voiced thirsty stupid idiot husbando or Yona murking people. This is some grade A bullshit, I tell you what.

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