Grab Box (S Size for Boys) from Amiami

I still haven’t had the luck to get the 3000 yen grab box but maybe one day. I’m especially eager to get my paws on one because this was a “used” item grab box that was only 1300 yen. Of course because of one particular item shipping was 4000 yen for this bad boy so it ended up quite pricy.

Still, I would probably (once I have money again) get another one just because it was so fun and exciting. Plus I ended up with a few small things from my character specific collections. Seriously, a Precure and Saber figure I can believe because those things are common. But an Arcueid keychain? Come on, Amiami, you just wanted to spoil me.

If you look at the first image in the post, the grab box is the bottom image. The top is just a nendoroid that happened to come at the same time. 1

Let me pass along some advice. I combined the grab box with that red item, a small/thin packaged towel because it was also set to ship in January. This was a mistake. As you can see from the above image, they placed the thin item on top of the grab box (which I imagine was prepackaged when I ordered it or packaged before they put the towel with it) and then put it in a bigger box. For me, 4000 yen is a bit too steep when it comes to shipping. I can’t be sure but I have a feeling that shipping them separately would have been just slightly cheaper.

If you’re combining it with anything bigger than the small item I had though, you might run into a higher cost. However, my grab box just happened to have a big poster in it and you might not get that unlucky.

It was exciting taking everything out of the box one by one!

The Idolmaster faceplate was really unexpected! Of course, I would have preferred one with actual characters on it but I suppose it does add a splash of… err… colour to my console set up.

That big ass poster is the reason shipping was so much. Well, that and my theory about the towel needing a bigger box. I wouldn’t have minded so much if it was a poster from an anime but it’s just some dumb eroge one. Well I won’t object to some new anime tity on my wall, I guess.

The two capsules contained a maid Saber keychain and an… Araragi figure. I’m not a big Monogatari fan and the other choices were all characters I don’t really care for (the Kanbaru one would have been nice I guess) but really, Araragi? The character I like least? Well, I’ll probably just try and give him away. The only male I’ll accept in my collection is Jude. Though my sister said my collection could use the testosterone, I disagree fully.

The Arcueid keychain was a real big surprise. I still don’t know how I’m going to display her and the Saber in my collection but luckily they’re both on the same spot so I’m sure I can figure something out eventually.

I was a bit confused about that Nadeko figure at first but the hat on display (the other characters have items relative to their characters on display like backpack or whatever) is a really neat thing and now she sits on my desk.

And so does this terrible little thing…

Little Busters

Before opening the box I said to my (aghast) sister that I wanted the black haired one and not the red haired one. Well, I guess I got what I wanted? Is she just a mistake or a special bonus alternate colour version? Either way, she’d be real nice if it wasn’t for her dumb red hair.

I don’t know much about Little Busters and I’ll never watch it so I’m glad she’s at least nice looking trading figure. Well, her base is dumb. She kind of just sits on it without being secured. For that reason, my cats have since snatched the base away and she now just sits butt to desk.

I did get lucky with this surprise figure though. To Heart and it’s whole series is so boring and dumb and I groaned at this. But when I looked at the box, she seemed the most interesting looking and luckily enough, here she was.

Kyun-Chara Mio Akiyama

Something, something Attack on Titan joke.

This is some Kamen Rider thing which I know nothing about. Not super cute but I like her dress enough, I guess. Some of the others were kind of cuter but eh. Also, realizing I really hope they make a Macha Green figure from Rolling Girls now.

Kyun-Chara are always are kind of cute but the head stand is hideous. Not to mention I’m not a very big Mio fan at all. And the outfit isn’t cute. Well whatever. Mugi would have been better but eh.

There was a Misaka but I don’t like her so I gave it away without opening.

Saber and Arc are great but this was super exciting! Admittedly I’m not a huge Heartcatch fan and I would have preferred someone else but hey I have a growing Precure collection that she fits into very nicely.

Anyone know why Fresh characters weren’t in this set? It seemed like it was for All Stars but nah?

These Nendoroid Petites came in a little plastic ziploc bag. Neru was bundled up with bubble wrap but Haruhi was just thrown in. She’s totally, completely bootleg so I don’t much care.

I thought Akita Neru was too until I looked up pictures of the actual bootleg and compared her with the Haruhi who clearly is and I think she’s just older and legit.

Haruhi, however, has misshapen hair, poor paintjob and when you remove her hair and faceplate, it’s very greasy inside and a weird smell is released. I’ll probably just throw her out. Shame Amiami had it in the first place but whatever.

Nanoha Stickers

There were some neat Nanoha goods too. I’m sure I’ll have no problem finding somewhere to put Nanofate stickers.

There were a bunch of Project Diva post cards packaged together and they’re pretty nice looking. Might try to find a way to make a lil collage and display them all. Since I have Fate Zero ones too that are just sitting around. That’s a project for another day though.

Some Busou Shinki bookmarks. Nice quality but don’t know when I’ll ever get a chance to use them. Maybe in aforementioned collage.

I still really want the 3000 yen box because it must have double the fun but I don’t know if my luck or wallet will allow that any time soon. There were some nice surprises in here and worth 1300 yen (even though the shipping killed me).


  1. This was all bought when I had a job and before I become a penniless NEET for a short, horrible month.

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