Loli Salad’s Bi-Monthly Music Feature: Volume #13

This makes me lazy and a liar.

True – Ailes

 maria the bitchin witchin

I don’t normally include singles in this because singles are so much harder to talk about. This one gets a pass not just because I was scrambling for releases to include but because it does one of my favourite things an anisong single can do.

I love when official remixes are included. Mawaru Penguindrum’s ED Dear My Future still has my favourite included remixes (because there’s like five right) but I still get excited whenever they pop up.

Ailes itself is a bit of a weird song because in Maria the Virgin Witch’s ED, it comes off as a very relaxed ballad. Which made the inclusion of remixes when I looked at the tracklist kind of confusing. After the initial part that makes up the ED in show, the song does become a lot more upbeat and has a different feel to it althogether.

Taking advantage of that is ailes Carvanal Remix which gives it a more, well, carnival 1 feeling while playing around and doing a lot of fun things as a remix.

The other, ailes Conscious Remix, is the opposite and takes a more chill approach with heavy emphasis on piano and very little vocals.

They’re both fine remixes I suppose. I guess in the end I still prefer the original but they were nice to include because they give the surprising song a new surprising feeling in both cases.

Tomato Gummy – JazzLive!

A novelty inclusion. I’m not the biggest jazz fan. 2 Especially something like this that has such a lounge feel to it. Especially when I listen to muzak all day at work that reminds me of the same thing.

However, there’s a subtly to to this that I appreciated. A blend of arranging the original song and creating something more than that. And I respect that 3.

僕らのLIVE 君とのLIFE is the most surprising track because of the emphasis on piano. Maybe it’s not so much surprising then that I enjoyed it more than the other tracks.

I also really like 夏色えがおで1, 2, Jump! despite it sounding like the muzak I listen to all day at work. It’s use of piano is it’s saving grace. It gives the arrangement a lot of flair and character compared to some of the other tracks on this album. I can’t really say the same for それは僕たちの奇跡 because there’s something about it that I just don’t find as fun.

Available for purchase online.


  1. official misspelling, not me
  2. There’s also a Love Live inspired death metal album so I’ve got to choose my battles here
  3. though you might not be able to tell since I put up with Exit Trance doing just the opposite

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