Winter 2015 Final Impressions pt. 1

(featuring: Death Parade, Kantai Collection, Maria the Virgin Witch)

Maria the Virgin Witch

Winter 2015 was a fantastic season. The best in a long time. Spring is garbage compared to it. Summer has some hope but it’s going to be incredibly tough to be even half as good as this season was.

Death Parade

Death Parade

I did have problems with Death Parade at first. Something about how the first few episodes treated its female characters left a nasty taste in my mouth for sure. I do realize that the first episode was intentional and served to teach a lesson, the second episode was a lot tamer (but still gave off the impression of “look at this liar lmao”) and then the third episode has the mother who I found way, way more sympathetic than the boy.

It might have been a personal thing but once I had that feeling stuck in my mind, I couldn’t get it out. I got better though and the supposed nasty treatment seemed to end.

Death Parade

I cried here

That being said, between it’s treatment of Yousuke and Chiyuki’s suicides was very kind and non-judgmental. For all Decim’s “I respect those who lived to the fullest”, there’s no ill-treatment to those who were depressed and took their lives.

If anything, they’re treated kinder and with more care. I respect that choice immensely.

Death Parade

I cried here too

When it comes to that original issue it was probably Mayu that changed my opinion at all.

She was such a great character and her episode was the best episode next to the fantastic final episode. Of course, because of that it made episode eleven just so much harder.

oh god here too of course

Death Parade ended with a weird feeling for me. It’s the first show in a long time where I’ve felt that I’m satisfied with just the one season even though I guess they could do more. A feeling of contentness, even if the end destroyed me. Where I’d actually be disappointed if there was a second season.

Because the interesting part about the final episodes were not the arbiter’s drama. It was Chiyuki’s drama. It was the resolution to Mayu’s story and the parallel to Chiyuki, the similar answer the arbiter’s came up with.

Death Parade

I cried the most at this shot 

The arbiter drama felt a bit underwhelming in the end. Oculus just being like “lmao just wait, nerd”. No real consequences or anything. It just happens. Which is why I feel like they COULD do a second season but I think that would be a bad idea.

They could potentially recreate great characters like Chiyuki and Mayu but I really don’t want that. I’d be happy leaving things as they are. 1



anything good I had to say about this dumb show was ruined by this shot

This show is bullshit and I’m so mad.

I didn’t expect much to begin with. I only had rudimentary knowledge of the series but enough that I was, you know, familiar with it. Even so, what a disappointment.

Imagine being the one Kisaragi fan out there. The one guy who Kisaragi is absolutely your waifu. How goddamn mad is that guy??

Like, it’s cool that they might have gone the “abyssmal are sunken ships” thing but they did it so poorly. Which is unsurprising. But why go through the trouble of killing off a character if you aren’t going to do anything dramatic with it later on?


Because there is absolutely no reason they would or could find out that they killed abyssal Kisaragi in this battle next season. Even if someone comes and says “oh yeah, guess what the abyssal are” there’s NO REASON that ANYBODY would/could know that was Kisaragi.

So that’s it. That’s all they could have done with it and wow, they sure wasted it.

Kantai Collection

They also picked some of the most boring characters to focus on. You’ve got over a hundred characters but focus on these boring jerks? I did kind of like Ooi and ktkm if only because it’s not the worst “GAY 4 LAFFS” character pairing I’ve seen and Ooi’s such a trashlord that I couldn’t help but like her.

Not to mention two of my ship wives showed up with Shoukaku and Haguro. The latter was just barely though. My actual ship waifu Katori won’t be in S2 so wah.


Even in the final episode instead of having a super interesting character to swoop in and save the day we get Taihou?? Well at least she’s kind of interesting from what I’ve seen 2 so if she joins the awful, awful main group next season then that’s a plus, right?

Well at least season two HAS to have Tenryuu and Tatsuta and other interesting characters, right? Right??

Maria the Virgin Witch

Junketsu no Maria

Maria the Bitchin’ Witchin’ is easily one of my favourite shows this season after Akatsuki no Yona. Easily. It’s so unlike anything else I’ve watched before. Maybe I need to broaden my horizons but maybe nothing has been as accessible as this was.

Well, even when I was in high school and I did nothing but read and read, I loved historical fiction. Be it actual recounts of history or something with a magical flair like this, so long as it has it’s roots in real life events.

Maria the Virgin Witch

Like Yona, Maria features a cast of characters who are all surprisingly great and likable. Except it’s villains (which is different from Yona, I guess). The church was detestable. I was surprised by Bernard’s revelation and a little pleased so it was disappointing that he went and got himself exploded like he did.

Artemis, Priapos, Ezekiel (perhaps especially her), Viv and Edwina were all such great characters though. Viv was a surprising turn of events and I had expected her to be nothing but a snarky side character. Her endearment for Maria was so great though and I loved it. Actually, I was super happy that ALL the witches weren’t horrible jerks and showed up in the time of need.

Maria the Virgin Witch

Edwina’s personality being something other than “snarky but shy recluse” was super appreciated too. Like the side witches and Viv, you expect one tired thing from their character and SWERVE, nope. They’re actually all good characters on their own. I was so happy whenever someone complimented her and she reacted. Her familiar reveal (I feel so dumb for not realizing, since I always wondered why she was in the OP) was neat too.

Maria herself was… interesting. One of the neat things about this show was how it dealt with sexuality. I kept comparing it Drakengard 3 in that regard even though the characters are literally the opposite of DG3’s.

Maria the Virgin Witch

The end result being a compromise was both unfortunate but worked for the happy ending, I guess. She’ll have sex and lose her magic but she will gain a child and it’ll be Ezekiel. So she may be losing something important but she gains something in the process.

Though I’m sure since it was Joseph I’m sure it would just be the losing her magic thing that would be awful for her and not the sex, haha. 3

I do kind of want to read the manga (which is published in North America by Kodansha!) but I don’t know if I can get past the wonky art style. Especially after having the anime look so pretty. I will read Maria the Virgin Witch Exhibition which they are also publishing in August 4. If I recall correctly, it’s an epilogue of sorts? Showing various short stories about what happens after? Which I’m very interested in 5. Especially when it comes to the familiars.


  1. Though if they did do more to change the arbiter story, I think a movie would be best.
  2. and has a crossbow!
  3. Not to imply that those who don’t want to have sex need to just get over it because lmao no, that’s your choice and I respect those who have no need for it.
  4. Volume one was February, volume two is April volume three is June and then Exhibition. All in one year. Impressive release schedule.
  5. They really could have used the credits scene for that though.

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