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March 31, 2015

Shiena Nishikawa – Fubuki

Nishikawa is a newbie with Fubuki as her debut single. Kancolle may have been a terrible anime but it had an opening and ending that I still love even after all this time. I did end up like Fubuki more though looping Miiro a bunch of times before the full version was out may have something to do with that.

Aivi & Surasshu feat. Estelle – Stronger Than You

Listen, it’s been a few weeks since this episode and I’m STILL listening to this at any given chance.

Namie Amuro – Fight Together

I don’t even watch One Piece but someone did this to me and now I can’t stop.

May 2nd, 2015

Sapphire – Shiki no Uta (English Cover)

Sapphire is one of my favourite vocalists on youtube even if I don’t care for most of the songs she covers. Once and awhile a song I do like pops up and when she nails it, she nails it so hard that no contractor will ever be able to get it out again. Shiki no Uta is a great song on it’s own but the care she’s taken with adapting the lyrics into english while keeping the original feeling in tact is what sets her above the rest.

August 8th, 2015

Miria Akagi (cv. Tomoyo Kurosawa) – Romantic Now

I’m not a huge Idolmaster fan, I’ll admit. Especially not Cinderella Girls. Million Live at least has my beloved and dearest Matsuri 1. And even if I looked at the CG girls, I would never really look twice at Miria.

But here we are. With this stupidly catchy song that has me enraptured and unable to stop listening. It’s so catchy and fun and silly and the little “now!” she does at the end of the song is the cutest thing in this whole, giant world.

September 22nd, 2015

Helblinde – This Silence is Mine (Remix)

I featured This Silence is Mine back when I started this post series a two years ago 2 and so when I saw one of my favourite artists (did you buy Life starts at 200bpm? Go buy Life starts at 200bpm) did a super chill, super cool remix of one of my favourite songs I was obviously stoked. And of course, he delivers again and it’s absolutely awesome. 

December 12th, 2015

EGOIST – Reloaded

I can’t tell if I hate or love this awful chuuni song. Egoist is really hit or miss for me. I feel like I’d have enjoyed the duo a lot more when I was younger but as an adult, I almost find it embarassing to be caught listening to this song. And yet… I just can’t stop. I try, oh my god do I try, but it’s stupidly catchy chorus wiggles its way into my brain at the most inconvenient of times and soon I find myself listening to it yet again.


  1. Whose first image song is also a goddamn treasure
  2. And barely anything in that posts works anymore. Much like I expect this one to be in a year probably

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