Winter 2015 Final Impressions pt. 2

(featuring: Shirobako, Kamisama Kiss S2)

the actual reaction of everyone living in a sad world without new Shirobako

One day I’ll finish Yatterman Night. One day. I have good shows to watch first though.


Rinko Ogasawara
best girl (jk they’re all strong independent ladies who are all best girls in their own right)

Funny story about Shirabako. Like most great shows, I almost missed it. I continued to hear from twitter how great it was and how much everyone loved it and I thought, surely, it can’t possibly be that good, right?

Having watched it in a blur of two emotional days, I can safely say I would not trust anybody who dislikes Shirobako. Sure they may be good people but they probably have absolute crap taste in anime. Nay, probably in ANY media.



Shirobako taught me so much. About the animation industry, about what makes a show good and hell, probably something about myself. Shirobako is just that powerful.

Side characters that in any other show would be one off jokes or background characters end up so endearing and developed even when only given a little bit of focus. And the main characters, oh boy. I loved all of them.

At first I wasn’t sure how I could. There was so many and it’s so hard to keep track of them. But once you get past those rough initial first three or so episodes, it gets easier and better. In the end it wasn’t difficult at all because, like I said, everyone feels like actual people.



Yumi Iguchi
Episode 16 was amazing

Watching Ema struggle and overcome, watching Mii make a big drastic change full of uncertainty and doubt, Aoi stress but never give up, Diesel-san catching a break and Zuka be let down but not give up and then catching her break. When Aoi cried, I cried too.

It was so refreshing watching these girls in an actual adult setting. Sure there are other shows about adults in the worplace but they’re usually comedies. Something like this even though it’s set in the animation industry, was still so relatable.

Aoi Miyamori


And I don’t think it was the same for everyone. Everyone found different things they recognized from their own workplaces and experiences. Some that resonated with you and some you hated.

Coworkers that get on your nerves, making big changes in your career despite being uncertain or constantly facing rejection even when you’re doing your best.

All of these things and so much more is represented here just as in real life.

I would watch the hell out of this tbh

But there’s hope and it’s inspiring. I almost hated how inspired I was. I realized I was working without purpose and though I still have that desire to create from February, it inspired me to keep going.

I loved Shirobako and I’m so glad it exists. I’d love even more if a second season existed. I just can’t bring myself to rewatch this. It feels like I peeked in on the lives of these individuals, watched them work and stress and have fun. I want it to remain feeling that way. That their lives went on even if we aren’t watching.


Aoi Miyamori

Kamisama Kiss S2

Kamisama Hajimemashite

Kamisama Kiss was as satisfying as expected. Nothing too remarkable but never a really disappointing time.

It did get a bit frustrating that the Nanami/Tomoe relationship seemed to CONSTANTLY teeter on the edge of a big change only to be pushed back by Tomoe’s immaturity (Nanami by comparison is an amazing character full of maturity) or something else dumb.

The Tengu arc went on a bit too long for my liking but that’s just because I wanted more focus on Nanami because I love her and she’s fantastic. Likewise, Kirihito’s arc ended VERY anticlimactically. Though I imagine it does get carried on in the manga and fleshed out. It does make for poor anime though.

Kamisama Kiss

But hey, I wasn’t super interested in him. Nanami is where it’s at. She’s a fantastic lead and getting to see more about her past (showing us and the characters in show that we know very little about her) was a great arc. The melancholic ED showing everybody’s pasts and then looking to the future was a very nice too,

A third season seems unlikely but maybe now I’ll finally start reading the manga. I meant to last year (or whenever S1 aired) but had planned to buy it all first. Turns out there are tons of volumes out over here like dang.

But hey, I’d totally welcome another season full of these idiot dorks.

Kamisama Hajimemashita


  • Noldesu

    April 9, 2015

    The flood of fanservice* stuff in current anime has made me kind of intolerant to the same. That’s the reason why I didn’t have much hopes for Shirobako, but to my surprise, it was a really interesting and enjoyable show. I ended loving it after the first episode.

    I remember I cried at ep. 12 when they asked the old man to help with the animation and everyone were working so hard; that moment felt so real and so human. I loved it.

    I think it’s going to take a while for another anime to have the same kind of impact and feel. Maybe(a very slight “maybe”) Hibike! Euphonium, but I’m not expecting that much from it honestly.

  • Fang-tan

    April 10, 2015

    I certainly didn’t expect it to be so informative and true to life, in any case.

    I also don’t have high hopes for Euphonium and I’m certain it won’t have the same amazing feeling Shirobako did BUT if it’s half as good as that show was then I think I can accept it.

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