Casshern Sins,Spinzaku style.

Retro-esque anime based on a tokusatsu superhero movie (this is a remake of the original anime, however)? Normally these kind of things aren’t my thing. Really, shouldn’t I be watching Toradora for that milf? I really don’t like tsundere but a blonde-ish tsundere? Wait, wait, back on Cashew Casshern Sins…

I was looking over Tokyo Toshokan when I noticed that Toradora was already out. Then I noticed another new show, Casshern Sins. I did some research and was vaguely intriuged. The animation is… in my opinion… slightly retro with a hinto of Gurren-Lagann going on. But as for plot, I’m more reminded of Gun x Sword for some strange reason…

I have absolutly nothing bad to say about this yet. It was really great in many ways. It would probably be confusing had I not read the summary on Wikipedia. Visually, it looks great. Plot wise, not the most original thing I’ve ever heard but comparing it to what else is airing? Really. The characters seem interesting, the usual for this type of story, but still interesting.

I especially liked Ringo. Well, you could tell that couldn’t you?

The few parts with bgm were really great. It’s by Kaoru Wada. I don’t know much of what he’s done besides… well… unfortnatly, just Inuyasha. But if I gold anything from that series it was that the music is some of the best I’ve ever heard in a series, even to this day. This OST will be one I’m excited about. (After learning that, the sound between Casshern and Lyuze suddenly sounded VERY famillar)

Even though I really enjoyed the first episode of Casshenr Sins, I’m not sure how motivated I’ll be to continue watching. Hell, I’ve been slacking on Soul Eater as it is. But maybe, maybe I’ll push myself to watch the second episode… it airs on Wednesday’s but I don’t think it’ll be subbed quickly. That gives me some time, I suppose.


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