Yun*Chi – Ani*Yun~anime song cover~ アニ*ゆん~anime song cover~


Yun*Chi has teamed up with some notable(ish) people like livetune and Taku Takahashi for this anisong album which features a delightful music selection. That alone sets it apart from the rest.

The only work of hers I’m familiar with is Log Horizon though so I’m not super familiar with her work before going into this.

Album Name: Ani*Yun~anime song cover~
Artist/Circle: Yun*Chi
Release Date: 04/15/15

  1. Koi no Uta (こいのうた)
    The one thing I really want to say before going further is regardless of how I feel about the actual covers, I applaud the track list over and over. There’s a few of those “standard” or classic tracks that always appear on cover albums but this one has some recent and unique choices and I find that really endearing and fun. This is one such song. I think it was listed as the Tamako Love Story version but it’s Tamako’s dad’s song which also appears in the original series. She’s got such unusual vocals that it kind of songs nice? The chorus might not have as much impact as it should but I certainly like the rest of the song.
  2. Catch You, Catch Me!
    While her strange vocals (the closest comparison I can come up with is YUKI meets Etsuko Yakushimaru) work for the first track, I find them less likable here. It’s not so much her but the weird filter on her voice that really stands out in the chorus. The song arrangement is also pretty lacklustre. Or at least not as fun as it should be.
  3. Ojamajo Carnival!! (おジャ魔女カーニバル!!)
    Tofubeats brings us a fun arrangement of the first Doremi OP which is classic too but I find way less covered than it should be. Again, she has this weird filter on her voice though. I don’t recall it in the Log Horizon ED so I know she has a lovely voice, so why? I get that it fits the theme of this song but two out of three tracks featuring it so far leads me to believe more will as well.
  4. Sakura Kiss (桜キッス)
    It’s kind of nice they went for a kind of chill, laidback version of this song even if the intro feels a little weird. The chorus feels a bit weird though. Like they still have the same tempo as the original while trying to go in a whole different direction with it and it’s just kind of weird. Her voice feels a little more genuine now but there’s still something that bothers me about it.
  5. Tenshi no Yubikiri (天使のゆびきり)
    Now this is weird. I’ve never heard the original before but I’ve heard this exact livetune x Yun*chi mix on an another album I always meant to talk about but never got around to. 1 Sadly, one of the tracks I like less on that album but alas.
  6. Viva Namida (ビバナミダ)
    Her voice is nice and clear, thankfully. The chorus a little less so but hey, I’m picking my battles. This is a weird track to include but I’m not complaining at all. I hope more people cover the Space Dandy OP in the future because it’s a great song. And I love her take on it. It’s very different and Taku Takuhashi’s craziness brings the song to new levels. A very fun cover.
  7. Kimi ni Todoke (きみにとどけ)
    Another song I can’t really recall hearing covered before. But I like her take on it. It’s sweet, fluffy and upbeat in a whole different way from the original. Switching the warmth of the original with a certain coolness in this version. Her vocals are clear again which I also appreciate it.

Fang’s Rating:


As I said, I really appreciate the varied song choices. It really feels like she chose songs she enjoys rather than just the classics that everyone knows and loves. I might just be going crazy but the filter on her voice drove me crazy. I think she sounds great normally but the filter makes her sound so bad! She has a YUKI like quality that covering up is a complete waste.

Log Horizon S3 when.
Recommended tracks: 1, 3, 6, 7


  1. Actually, that album has some crazy goddamn team ups and I’ll try and revisit it and include it on the next music feature at the end of the month.

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