Wakfu Kickstarter Rewards


Last year Ankama had a successful kickstarter that ended up at $483,524 CAD in the end. To be honest, it’s been so long that I forget what the initial goal was. To raise enough for a dub or for the bluray release itself? Well, whatever. Here we are.

I feel pretty lucky since my package arrived in short time and didn’t seem to be missing anything major. There was no smug duck sticker but that seems to be a problem that everyone has. And after looking at the comments for the kickstarter, it seems like other people have had major issues with their rewards so I’m still grateful mine is okay.

Maybe it’s because I got lucky that I want to give Ankama the benefit of the doubt. The kickstarter raised way, way more money than expected which came with a lot of people supporting them and a lot more responsibility for a smaller-ish studio. Granted, I guess that doesn’t excuse the fact that certain people paid for certain things and didn’t get them. Or that the quality of the BDs is lacking.

I haven’t listened to the dub personally (I only had time to watch the new episodes yesterday and I wanted to watch them in original french) but I know there were lots of audio issues as well. I want to rewatch season two so maybe I’ll watch it in English so I can see for myself if it’s as messed up as people say.

Well, whatever. I’m still happy for Ankama and all things considered I’m really happy with what I got.

The signed poster came in a little box which meant they needed an even bigger box to ship it but shipping was including and because this was Canadian based, I didn’t have to pay extra for shipping for once. HA.

It’s actually made of really nice material so I’m going to keep it in that box and kept away until I can frame it because I really like.

Wakfu Nox Item

The Nox outfit item for the mmo. I haven’t played in a long time so I’ll probably give it away to someone who plays it? Or maybe I should try playing again. I really do love being a trapper…

Sur tes pas Single

When I saw this, I got REALLY excited that I had ordered the OST after all and had just forgotten about it. Alas, I had not. Infact, it seems like the OST delivery (I had assumed it was a digital release) is another problem people are having as they haven’t received that either? There was a symphonic soundtrack apparently but not the actual OST.

Which is a shame because the three special episodes reminded me how good the OST is. Hopefully Ankama will elaborate soon before tension between pissed off backers rises even more.

Anyways, this is just a single for the opening theme Sur tes pas. Which is a great song and hypes me up every single time I listen to it. So, I guess I’m happy to have this since I don’t recall it being mentioned before.

I love the making of books. One was in plastic while the other was not which was curious but the one not in plastic seemed brand new with no blemishes or anything so it’s not an issue or anything.

I wish I would have more cash at the time to get the rest of the books because they’re lovely to look at.


This was an added bonus. A game of Mifuchi. I haven’t opened it up yet and I’m not familiar with how to play. Maybe I can rope some people into playing with me but idk.

Well, it’s a nice collector’s item either way.


And the main course itself. Packaging is kind of bland on the outside but for such a big collection, I suppose it’s functional and nice enough. A little more oomph would have been appreciated it.

Unfortunately the product itself is a little less nice. Not the show, of course. I watched the special episodes and easily rembered why I loved the show so much and why I was so excited to have this bluray set.

However there’s a pretty big audio issue that I noticed initially and thought it was just because the special episodes were different. Unfortunately it seems to be on every episode and disc. I don’t know the exact technical specifics though I’ve seen a few explanations while monitoring comments from other backers but the audio is, like, slowed down so everything ends up in a different key.

It’s especially noticable in the opening and would be unnoticable otherwise except that a few characters like Ruel, Yugo and Amalia sound pretty different asa result. It’s a shame for those who haven’t watched the series and now own it, that they’ll watch an imperfect version like this. Notably, the Netflix version seems to be correct so I’m recommending people watch with subs on there.


  • Fabio

    September 10, 2017

    Hello i’m intrested to code of mmo game u got already this?

  • Fabio

    September 10, 2017

    Pls say me yes 😀 I realy need this

  • Marcus

    November 15, 2017

    That’s a good idea

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