Fang-tan’s Top 10: Openings from 2005

A new and exciting feature series for me to try out and probably forget starts off with the very memorable (??) year of 2005 and all the great (????) anime openings it gave us!

10. Eternal Blaze by Nana Mizuki
(Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha)

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha

well you try and find Eternal Blaze on youtube goddamn

What can I say? The StrikerS opening songs are better.

09. Daia no Hana by Yorico
(Black Cat)

This was always a show I wished I could have gotten into but maybe it’s for the best. Maybe I wanted what it was to be better than what it actually was. The song is kinda rough sounding at times but I think that gives it something unique.


05. Sousei no Aquarion by AKINO
(Sousei no Aquarion)

Obligatory classic mention. It’s not a song I listen to very much and I may begrudge it’s inclusion in so many remix albums but it’s hard to deny that it’s a good song with good lyrics and I still like the english version and yeah. You’re alright.

07. Lonely in Gorgeous by Tommy February7
(Paradise Kiss)

This is still such a fun and catchy song that I find myself going back to listen to it all the time. It just feels so stylish and fresh after all this time. That’ impressive by itself. It’s definitely my favourite Tommy song and nothing else she’s done has really had the same impact this has, unfortunately.

06. Roulette*Roulette by Momotsuki Gakuen Ichinen C Gumi
(Pani Poni Dash)

Sure, the other openings are good but I’ll go to my death bed insisting this is the best one. Plus the Tachibana part was one of Baby’s First Gay Experiences so it’s very near and dear to my old homo heart.


05. Forever by Savage Genius
(Elemental Gelade)

This is “anisong” to a tee. Very energetic and fun but if you don’t love this show like I do, maybe it doesn’t really stand out so much. Like YURIA, Savage Genius is a very mid-2000s kind of artist. One who hasn’t done much in years and even if they started doing anisongs again (though YURIA was always more eroge focused), there’s probably no demand for them. Well, unfortunate as that is Savage Genius did have a lot of songs that were good at the time and this is just one of them.

04. YOU by YURIA

I’ll always have a shameful spot in my heart for Shuffle. What a dumb, average show full of disappointment. Though I’ll stand by my belief that at the end of a harem show the losing girls should discover Girls Can Kiss Girls and do that instead. 1

03. Sakasama no Chou by Snow
(Jigoku Shoujo)

While I love Nightmare from S2 way more, I still find myself listening to this one just as much. Shame that SNoW/Yukie kinda just disappeared after 2009. I would have loved more from her than there currently is.

02. Seishoujo Ryouiki ALI PROJECT
(Rozen Maiden Traumend)

I think Traumend is a weaker season than the first though it does have some episodes I really like and I didn’t mind the animation change. The ED was way better than the first and this opening may be better than the first too.

Song aside (as I seriously listened to this song nonstop when I was 12 or 13 so much that I can barely listen to it more than once a month if I’m lucky now), I LOVE the aesthetic and visuals in the opening. The colours, imagery of the lifeless dolls, the Nabokov-Lolita looks in the dolls eyes (fitting as it is creepy) and god, the colours again. Visually, I adore every single thing. But it would be nothing without the song so Seishoujo Ryouiki gets second on my list without a doubt.

01. Tori no Uta Lia

I couldn’t give first to any other song because even if I don’t obsessively listen to it all the time like I did ten or nine years ago, I still think it’s a great song. I’ll always have a giant weak spot for this song and opening in my heart, even if I don’t think that highly of AIR itself.

Do I think it’s Lia’s best song? No but hmmm, I think that’s a list for another day.

Honourable Mentions: Noein OP, Gunparade Orchestra OP, Karin OP and Honey & Clover OP


  1. But that implies that harem series these days even having a winning girl.

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