Kannagi ep.1+2

I hate slice of life and comedy. Looking at a preview image for Kannagi I thought: slice-of-life. Upon hearing a description I thought: comedy. Both things I loathe in an anime. I do not wtach comedy or slice of life. I despise them. But I felt bad for this show after it got booted from one of it’s channels. So I decided to give it a shot…

My first impression of this show was ‘wow, how pretty’. I think I saw the opening on youtube. I thought it was an idol show, honestly.  But I never watched it really. But how adorable. It’s was a cross between Lucky Channel and Idolmaster, I thought.

Anyways, Kannagi is about a boy, Jin, who crafts a idol out of a special sacred tree for a school project. When he brings the idol outside, far too heavy to carry to school so he must use his bike, he sees that roots have started to grow into it. A few seconds later the idol grows and explodes becoming a young girl. Jin makes the girl some tea and asks her some questions, mistaking her to be a ghost. It turns out she is a deity and the sacred tree was her vessel. The girl, Nagi, is shocked to hear that the sacred tree has been cut down and does not believe Jin, forcing him to show her. This upsets Nagi making her wonder what will happen  if the guardian tree has been chopped down. A small ‘impurity’ attacks (I can’t think of a better word) Nagi and Jin quickly removes it, much to Nagi’s suprise. Nagi and Jin return home with Nagi still being sad. Jin, trying to distract himself from Nagi’s delicious loli ass, turns ont he tv but that doesn’t help. However, Nagi is bemused and has Jin turn the tv back on. The show on, a childish mahou shoujo show, gives her an idea to deal with the impurities in the forest by the sacred tree. Later on, Nagi returns to Jin’s home having nowhere to go, no with a materialized body. So it’s decided she will stay with Jin so that he can help her cleanse the land. What follows is a comical end of the day. It really is just Jin trying not to be a pervert and trying to stop Nagi from doing stuff (like answering the phone, even though she doesn’t know what that is).

I was really impressed. I don’t know where this will go. It seems like it would be taking care of the small impurites and then going on with daily life. I’ve sort of gotten used to hiding secrets in your daily life kinda thing. Like Kure-nai I suppose.

One thing I really loved was the animation. It was so simple and yet so smooth and flowing. Same with the music. I usually don’t like such easy-going bgm but the first piano-y track was really great. The opening theme is pretty catchy, I think I’d have to listen to it some more to really like it… but the ending theme. Now that was love at first… well… hear I guess. Even in episode two, there was nice fluidity to the animation. I like that.

Because I didn’t really have time to write an actual summary for these episodes, I’ll just give off a few thoughts on our introduced character so far, Jin, Tsugumi and Nagi.

Nagi is really cute. She’s one of those types that treat the lead guy like a servant but she does this in a subtle manor so you can’t even think her haughty. Her ignorance to the world around her is really comical too. But she isn’t naive either, so her lack of knowledge seems like a gag. Her joke about the cat’s milk made me giggle like a little girl and I had to pause because I couldn’t concentrate. Her act infront of Tsugumi was wonderful. I felt like I was trying to keep a straight face like her as she kept up her act. Although I don’t like those kind of lies that will lead to a big misunderstanding if a romance between Jin and Nagi ever happened (but I doubt it, as much as I love main female x main guy romance I don’t see the need for it here, even if it would be cute to see Nagi… jealous).  I couldn’t tell if Nagi was being serious with her split personality thing or not so that’s why I lol’d when she forgot her previous lie.

Jin in really strange. Part of the time he’s funny because of his embaressment towards Nagi and her girlyness. But the other times he seems like a jerk.

I can’t really say anything about Tsugumi because I’ll probably dislike her. Jin and her are supposed to be married, correct? That’s what I thought but they didn’t specifically say so.

But wow, episode two took a serious turn for the dramu around the half way mark. What do we call that? Hmm… mood whiplash, right? The cat dies and the kittens end up dying, as Nagi predicted, because they didn’t get milk. This makes Nagi sullen after she takes the dead kittens into her body. However, she yells at Jin telling her that she doesn’t need him to worry and she doesn’t need him. This makes Jin mad because she has acted so selfishly while she was staying with him. So, Nagi leaves and ends up going to where the sacred tree had been where she runs into a bunch of children and we’re away from the seriousness again. Haha, one of the little boys (I had forgot his name) looked like Hana from Michiko to Hatchin (CAN IT BE EPISODE TWO TIEMZ NOW?).

Anyways, for all it’s slice-of-life attributes I’m still loving Kannagi with it’s sweet animation, beautiful ending theme and eccentric god.


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  • denpanosekai

    October 19, 2008

    If you hate slice-of-life and comedy so much; then what anime series do you watch? 99% of what I watch has at least basic elements of those, and I like a variety of series. In fact I thought you said Makka na Chikai was one of your favorite themes ever; do you mean to say you completely rejected Busou Renkin because Okakura is nothing more than (one of the funniest) token comic relief character?

  • totali

    October 20, 2008

    The power of Nagi conversion!

    totalis last blog post..Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae – 03


    October 22, 2008

    Kannagi has been pretty fun so far, despite it’s cliches. Frankly, I’m not entirely sure what to expect from it, but I’ll keep watching and see how it turns out.

    ETERNALs last blog post..Clannad ~After Story~ [ep 3]

  • Kairu Ishimaru

    October 22, 2008

    Wouldnt it be episode 3? Since 1+2 is equal to 3? XD lulz

    Kairu Ishimarus last blog post..Exams ftw

  • Fang-tan

    October 24, 2008

    Hmmmm… I never finished Busou Renkin. I mean I just hate slice-of-life and comedy that deals in a slice-of-life style (i.e Lucky Star) I’m all for comic relief (and Okakura will remain to be one of the greatest comic relief characters, ever, no question).

    I need to catch up I’m an episode or two behind though I think. I need to find out which date it airs. Oh well, I’m also supposed to be watching Tales of the Abyss and Toradora but not happening. XP

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