FuRyu’s Love Wing Bell ver. Rin Hoshizora

My first Love Live figure, surprisingly. I preordered it like, last year? It’s the first figure I’ve gotten in awhile because I’m supposed to be saving for the trip next year but I couldn’t lose my BiJ ordering priveleges so I had to get it.

FuRyu is infamous for it’s figures of dubious quality so I was iffy about it but the final result is kinda nice, shininess aside.

The ribbon is an unplesant kind of almost-transparent plastic that I’m not fond of and the whole thing is shinier than it needs to be. It makes the dress look gaudy when it’s kind of cute in the actual  show.

shiny dress

There aren’t any major blemishes except the back end of the dress. It’s very rough and nasty looking. Luckily it’s just at the back but it looks awful.

There also some noticable seam lines at random parts of the dress and her gloves.

above: back of the dress is all messed up
below: big seam line

I was surprised by how big it is too! For a prize figure anyways. She’s bigger than my 1/8th Arsene 1 figure, anyways. MFC lits them as the same size (7.8mm) but even with Rin’s base being a little bigger, she’s still just larger in general.

I have two other FuRyu prize figures so I compared Rin with my Natsume Masako and though Masako is listed as smaller, it’s another big size difference.

I’m glad that Big in Japan 2 exists so it’s easy to get prize figures that are harder to get on my other usual sites and that they’re very reasonably priced because I wouldn’t pay more than I did for this. It was probably like $15. That’s a decent price.

Hopefully my next Love Live figure, whenever I get that, won’t look as tacky.


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  2. as I mentioned, I had to go through with my order because Big in Japan is <em>very</em> strict about cancellations

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