Fang-tan’s Top 10: Momoiro Clover Z Songs

Since I’m not able to go to Anime Expo this year while chucklefucks who haven’t ever listened to the pre-Z Momoclo indies or know about Akari or don’t even know why goddamn KISS is there in the first place get to see my beloved idol group in person, I’m trying not to be bitter. I’m trying very, very hard.

Especially since I don’t believe in any one person being a true fan having more worth than a casual fan. I should be happy about all the people who haven’t listened to Momoclo who will get to experience their concert and their amazing, exciting live performances. And if they dislike Momoclo even after that while I’m stuck here being drunk and sad, I’ll just break their worthless legs.

But while you lowlifes enjoy your wonderful concert, I figured I could do some post about Momoclo to soothe my broken mononofu heart.

10. Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo


I didn’t think I was going to include any Momoiro Clover (sans the Z) tracks but I forgot how much fun Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo is. However, I don’t think for a minute that it’s even close to being as good as their newer stuff. It lacks originality and feels very idol bland. While this was a very big track for them that helped them gain a lot of recognition, I think it’s definitely good that they moved away from such a blasé style of music. Though the PV is just as crazy as you’d hope.


5th Dimension was a dip where Momoclo got really weird. It was also where Kenichi Maeyamada (Hyadain) kind of split ways with them. He didn’t think the album was interesting but I disagree. It’s certainly not normal idol fare but Momoclo has never been very traditional idols have they? Though I suppose I agree I find most of 5th Dimension only listenable in small doses whereas their more energetic and pop-y stuff I don’t seem to get tired of. Case and point, the intro to this song is over two minutes long. Yikes.

Still, I admire this and Birth 0 Birth for their creativity and how unexpected they were. They tried something different, for better or worse.

08. Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimitachi yo

This only beat Otome Sensou because I still listen to this song while Otome Sensou is nostalgic for me but I otherwise don’t listen to it very much. I’m super burnt out on that one. This one is so much fun though. The ridiculous PV and the catchy, faux-creepy vibe of the song makes this one of their standout single tracks.

07. Oath of Z

This one almost didn’t make the cut but after listening to it a bunch (in an AX induced all time low), I came to actually love it. First of all, look at this PV. Look at these huge idol nerds. Look at them having a Dragonball Z themed dance battle with themselves. How do you resist that? How do you not look at that and go “yeah. that’s alright”?? And the song has really grown on me, I gotta admit.

06. Rodou Sanka

Cute idols singing about the daily grind and about how tough it is to make a livingand that works sucks but it’s not always bad and just keep on keeping on? Were I cynical person I would find something wrong with idols singing a “labour anthem” saluting the average joe in the work place but I’m not, I’m a simple person 1 who likes simple things like the rad ass chorus in the song. Seriously, check that out. It’s great.


have a consolation video though

I was originally going to just do both Mugen no Ai and this but realized I while I love both tracks, Lost Child is just so much better a song. Don’t get me wrong, Mugen no Ai is fantastic too and bizarre in all the right Momoclo ways but I just don’t think it stands alone as well as this one does.

04. Doudou Heiwa Sengen

Doudou Heiwa Sengen

since it’s a b-side track, there’s no official PV and I couldn’t find any substitute video so here’s a weird mashup featuring Viva Namida

GOUNN was a fine song but I found I got more enjoyment out of one of the b side tracks which is this, Doudou Heiwa Sengen. It’s a bit of an unusual track since it’s produced by actual japanese rap and hip hop artists and the group themselves, accordingly, raps this track as well. It’s unusual and I initially scoffed at the idea but it’s actually endearing and fun.


MOON PRIDE is definitely one of Momoclo’s best tracks and is one of the only two good things to come from Sailor Moon Crystal. 2 Marty Freidman returns for guitar on this track and it’s composed by Revo of Sound Horizon and who did the Attack on Titan opening and Bravely Default soundtrack. This is all a mixture for success because everything about the song ends up great.

It’s got so much energy and is so fun that even after all this time I haven’t gotten tired of it. Whenever I finally drag myself to watch an episode of Crystal, I find I can’t skip the opening or ending for this reason.

02. Yume no Ukiyo ni Saitemina

The reason for the season. To be honest, I didn’t really like this track or Rock and Roll All Nite when I first heard them but when the AX announcement was made I started listening to this particular track nonstop.

The PV itself has a the first half drawn by Sushio who is a biiig Momoclo fan and who also designed one of the outfits in Otome Sensou. It’s super cute. Then it goes to live action and my god are the KISS guys old and ugly. Every time it shows the real them I cringe and get super disugsted. Well, I do appreciate the sound they bring to the song anyways. And that same scene where animated Momoka turns into real Momoka is super cool and great and gosh I love Momoka.

Ugh seriously, TRIGGER x Momoclo anime when??

01. Mitemite☆Kochichi

Of course, I’ve got to go with the song that really made me fall in love with the group. I had heard of them before but I’d never really paid attention until I saw gifs of dancing Pokemon, saw that ED and then when looking for the full version, saw the PV of them dancing around in cute Pokemon costumes. From then I was smitten.

I still think this is one of their most fun songs, even if it doesn’t have the flair of some of their later big tracks. It’s simple (what with being in a kids show and all) and I appreciate that.

Honourable Mentions:

Morifu da yo! Zenin Shuugou: such a fun, fun, fun track. It’s definitely one of my faves even if it didn’t make it on this list. The only reason it didn’t is because it’s just so much of a cheerful novelty track that I find I can only listen to it once in awhile where as these tracks I can listen to all the time.

PUSH: The only Otome Sensou single track not to make it. And you know? It was on the list until I got really hooked on Oath of Z. Maybe PUSH is a better song than Oath of Z but right now I like Oath of Z more and so it’s more of a favourite.

GOUNN: I felt bad not including this track but I seriously think Doudou Heiwa Sengen is better. GOUNN just isn’t as easy to listen to as it should be. A problem Neo Stargate also has but that song is way more interesting.

Otome Sensou: so this was also on the list but changed at the last minute because I seriously could not make up my mind. If I recall correctly, while waiting for the full version of Mitemite Koichichi, I learned that Etsuko Yakushimaru was doing the main track from the single that song happened to be on. Since I had just gotten into Momoclo at the time, I listened to Otome Sensou day and night. Now I’m burnt out on it.


  1. And for real, I guess it’s a nice change of pace in terms of song content, one that pretty much every single average person can relate to
  2. The second thing is Gekkou, the ending theme by Momoclo which is one of their best ballads.

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