Fang-tan’s Top 10: Summer 2015 OPs

There’s some good stuff out this season and then there’s… there’s just not. And then there’s some of that good stuff gets inexplicably replaced with terrible stuff? Whatever.

10. Exterminate Nana Mizuki
(Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX)

It could be because I’m behind and not on GX but this isn’t the best Symphogear OP by a longshot. Still, it’s a decent Nana Mizuki song and the op itself makes everyone involved look like total badasses so good job I guess?


I’m not watching Gangsta because it’s definitely not my kind of show but I appreciate the opening and ending a lot. Well, more so the ending because it’s a FANTASTIC Annabel song and I love me some Annabel. But we’re not talking about EDs here.

The only other Stereo Drive Foundation song I even know is Daisy from Kanata no Kyoukai which I was not very fond of at all. Not sure why, even. IT wasn’t a terrible song. This group just has a sound that doesn’t click with me. Even this song will wear on me quickly, I think. Well, the visuals make the show seem a lot cooler and sexier than it actually is and it gets points for that.

08. Saikosoku Fall in Love
(Monster Musume)

I’ve only included this for the “monster-monster-mon-mon-mon-monster” bit at the beginning. I can’t even remember how the rest of the song goes. I just know mon-mon-monster and that’s okay.

07. Kakushinteki☆Metamaruphose! Aimi Tanaka
(Himouto! Umaru-chan)

Listen, Umaru is a piece of trash and this song reflects her perfectly. The shift midway through to her outside personality is such a nice touch that it brings this from just fun and annoying to kinda enjoyable on its own.

Plus, it’s super cute. My god is it ever cute. Plus I find the shifts to MonHun and Mario Kart to be a really, really nice touch.

06. Friend Shitai Gakuen Seikabutsu

Who doesn’t love when an opening changes as the series progresses? The cutesy song and imagery of the opening served to fool unknowning viewers initially but as the series goes on, the opening is changing with it. Little things but enough to believe it’ll be incredibly bleak by the end despite the fun song.

Also, kinda unrelated but disappointing that Maon Kurosaki returned for her second zombie anime and the ED song is so lame.

05. Cobalt TrySail
(Classroom Crisis)

Well despite TrySail sounds like one of those units or groups that pop up every few seasons and are gone just as fast, I ended up kind of liking this opening. The song itself has some moments like the urgency when they focus on Nagisa’s back or when they show the ships flying one after another. Overall though I can’t imagine this being a song that leaves a lasting impression and will probably be forgotten in no time.

Visually, the opening has lots of colourful and fun stuff going on. I find I enjoy watching every episode because it hypes me up even when the show underwhelms or does something dumb. But hey, at least the OP is decent and the ED is gay?

04. Bravely You Lia

So I’m not actually watching Charlotte myself. But whenever I happen to catch someone else watching it, I’m pretty excited to hear at least the opening. Which is Maeda-Lia quality as expected 1.

The part about 50 seconds in is super exciting too. It brings the song from average to great and then into dramatic Lia chorus and ugh, that’s all really great, you know?

03. Chiku Sentai SOX SOX
(Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai)

Shimoneta is one of my favourite shows this season. I was a fairly clandestine person when it came to lewd things until very recently and I know I wouldn’t have enjoyed this show or song before but my god, even I can’t turn a blind eye to the sheer depravity this show exhibits. And which is reflected in the opening animation without a doubt.

I find the song to be just as fun and ridiculous as the show and for that reason I’ve really come to love it.

02. Cry for the Truth Michi
(Rokka no Yuusha)

So two things here. Secret Sky is definitely a better song and why the hell did they change both of those songs? Secret Sky and Cry for the Truth are way better than the new opening and endings which were changed after just four/five episodes (four for ED, five for OP). It’s just seems like a pretty unreal thing to do for a show that’s only 12 or so episodes.

Anyways, I believe this is Michi’s debut single and I’m looking forward to what she does from here. There’s something rough about her voice that I just really like.

01. insight WHITE ASH
(Gatchaman Crowds Insight)

I loved the first opening so much that I wasn’t big on this one immediately. But wow, I can’t skip the opening. Everything about it is so much fun. The song, the cut outs, the colours and uh just everything??

I’ve really overlistened to the first opening so I like this one more currently but I’m pretty sure the same thing is just going to end up happening again. Well I’ll enjoy the song as much as I can in the mean time.


  1. OK the Angel Beats game opening song sucks though

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