Classroom Crisis Final Impressions

Classroom Crisis

When you watch a show and you insist over and over that it’ll get better, it’ll get good and it doesn’t and you don’t even know if you should be mad at yourself or the show: The Classroom Crisis Experience.

I don’t know if I could truly recommend Classroom Crisis to someone. Normally it would depend on the person. But who does Classroom Crisis even appeal to?

People who like business and politics? You’ll probably be disappointed. People who like moe schoolgirls? Well, I guess there’s that. They wear cute jumpsuits. People who like sci-fi shows about life in space? That angle is squandered. People who like Flamie? Jokes on you, Iris isn’t quite as godawful as Flamie 1. People who like Yuu Kobayashi? Hell yeah. That’s who I’ll recommend it to.

I told myself this would get better. It’s a cool concept. I’m sure they’ll flesh the characters out and we’ll see them working hard to overcome their obstacles!  It’ll be the kind of underdog story everyone loves!

I mean I’m sure they wouldn’t actually have ALL these characters and not develop them, right? And surely they wouldn’t introduce or hint at seperate issues and subplots that ultimately don’t go anywhere or do anything right? Right?

I’ll give credit where credit is due. I did like episode 11.

Episode 11 with Mizuki and Nagisa’s incredibly cute and charming scene that ends in smooches. Because Mizuki, the prime marketable female of this show, ends up with a male I especially don’t think this is meant to appeal to the typical moe crowd who like their girls as pure and male-less as inhumanely possible.

But that scene is so fantastic and I didn’t expect the show to deliver on that front. But also, Iris and Mizuki were totally cute girlfriends so I felt bad rooting for Nagisa.

However – HOWEVER – I did write that last paragraph before watching the last episode and the show managed to shit on the one good thing I had taken away from this show by doing the stupidest thing they could have done. Mizuki misunderstanding the relationship between Nagisa and Iris? Iris and Mizuki meeting at the door now as rivals in love towards Nagisa?! There was a winning girl despite there never being a contest AND NOW you create a love triangle?

Are you fucking kidding me?

Not gonna lie, I don’t remember much after that “meeting at the door” scene because I blacked out with rage. Turns out drinking heavily was the best way to watch this stupid show.

I call the middle one Bitey

By the end I still didn’t know any of the students names outside of the main three so I had to give them nicknames. Yet the show is called Classroom fucking Crisis. Yet you couldn’t develop these characters outside of “quip here, quip there, silly face here, we all have one talent and we’ll show up to do that one talent”? Seriously. The other students didn’t get any focus or growth or anything.

They were set pieces. That’s all. Barely even characters.

Hell, we don’t even SEE them doing the shit they’re supposed to be good at most of the time. They’re like “oh shit, this rocket can’t be fixed so I guess we’re screwed” and then the presentation happens and they’ve built the most creative and best spaceship and all we see of them doing that is a couple of static shots and a short, awful montage.

This show was so focused on showing you the politics of the business side of space rockets that the people making the cool space rockets, the people the show arguably should have been about, got pushed to the side. And for what? The end result was, quite frankly, incredibly boring.

Episode after episode I kept holding out for more, holding on to the hope she show would become amazing. But that time never came. Classroom Crisis was just a waste of time.


  1. Or she was until her Dark and Tragic Backstory

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