Chaos;Head Ending, “Super Special” by Seira

To get my hands on the ef op (not watching, just love Elisa), the Index op + ed (I’ve fallen for Index like so many others), and the Kannagi op + ed (expect a late, late post on this soon actually. I keep getting distracted) I downloaded a torrent full of fall 2008 op and ed songs. Upon seeing Super Special I nearly flipped. Seira? Really?! I couldn’t believe it. What’s more she’s doing one of the popular titles (I’m not watching Chaos;Head until it’s finished, just like Tales of Abyss) this season. AND Ishikawa Chiaki? The music this season has been above and beyond. Fall 2008 has been overly enjoyable so far. But Kagami Seira, Kawada Mami (<33) and Ishikawa Chiaki? My three favorites? I honestly could die of happiness. (Lia is fine too, no matter how depressing the Clannad op is).

If you don’t know who Kagami Seira is then check this previous post of mine.

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