Fang-tan’s Top 10: Horror Tracks

This one was really subjective. To define my list I picked songs based on the atmosphere they created and what the intention of the song was, what mood was it supposed to set? Based on those things, how effective was it and how much do I still like it? I guess I ended up with some results that I wasn’t expected but I look at this list and I’m pretty pleased.

10. Mystery! A Dolls House and the Fate of a Lost Man… RD-SOUNDS

This is an unusual choice, I realize, but given the nature of the album it’s from it seemed fitting. The beauty in this track is using your imagination to fill in the blanks from the title. It’s pretty obvious what it’s about but how it plays out is the ‘scary’ part. 1 Though how the tale of the lost man ends really is up to your imagination.

09. Track05 Kou Ootani

The first of a few cases where really a lot of tracks from this soundtrack would have sufficed. Track01 is easily my favourite but it’s a bit too on the nose for a list like this. This track is pretty short but manages to ramp up it’s creepy effect more and more as the song goes on while keeping the main theme motif of the album sounding fresh. I like it.

08. Red Dread Ryu-Ga
(Umineko no Naku Koro ni)

Of all the Umineko tracks from it’s great soundtrack 2 this is the one I find to be most traditionally horror themed. That very well comes from my recollection of it being played during some crucial “people are dying” or “discovering the bodies” moments but hey, it was effective. It comes off a bit strong but it’s intentions are clear. The paino bit was always kinda nice too.

07. Disconnected. t+pazolite

While I tried to keep as many ambient-ish tracks as I could off the list, this one gets to make a special apperance because it’s creepy af. Hartmann’s Youkai Girl faded in the background as more and more noise covers it up and muffled yelling becomes louder and louder… it’s definitely a weird song for t+pazolite but a fantastic creepy song in general.

06. Traditional Song of Shadows Shigeo Komori 3
(Shinsekai Yori)

I was going to go with Hateful Feeling or Darkside of Heart but deep down I knew I couldn’t take this away from Traditional Song of Shadows. The song itself is composed of many parts across the three soundtracks so if I have to pick just one, I pick part one but all of them are fantastic. This may not seem lika traditional “scary” choice but the thing that made Shinsekai Yori so incredibly frightening was the feeling of oppression and helplessness the characters and, by extention, you the viewer felt. This song represents that oppressive, uncomfortable feeling a lot and that’s why I love it so.

05. the main theme of Petite Cossette Yuki Kajiura
(Petite Cossette)

While an underrated Kajiura soundtrack, Petite Cossette still has that similar sound that all her soundtracks had in the early 2000s (most notably Aquarion Age and maybe .hack//SIGN) but it’s interesting to hear something that’s overall tone is supposed to be horror. And though this does have the typical Kajiura trappings like violin and FJ vocalist, I’ve always recognized that this song was supposed to be spooky and unsettling. 4

04. 奇譚響-08 (forecast) Asoghi

This is not my favourite track on the album but I definitely think it’s scarier than lunar eclipse. I’ve talked a lot about this album and I’ll always recommend it if you like creepy industrial ambient stuff because this is top notch in that regard. And this track is just that. I thought a lot of this list would amount to creepy industrial ambient but hey I guess it didn’t. That’s okay because this would have been the best anyways.

03. Silent Night Takanashi Yasuharu

Like the track/soundtrack that takes place first, I could have listed a bunch of stuff from Shiki that I love and still listen to all the time because holy shit do I ever love Shiki a lot. However Silent Night has the best mix of subtley (something the sountrack sometimes lacks but come on, look at the show) and very creepy atmosphere. It’s even got creepy little girl laughing. Maybe it’s not as subtle as I remembered. 5

02. Disregard 24EFFECTS
(Yume Nikki)

Wow shocking, I love 24EFFECTS. Surprise surprise. I’ve raved about this track and it’s genius before and goddamn it, I’ll do it again. Granted, maybe this track makes more sense for people who are familliar with the game and this scene represents but really I don’t caああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああ

01. Main Theme Kawai Kenji
(Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)

This gets one because I couldn’t decide on one song. I went with Main Theme because the original is great and has some great variations. It manages to incorporate vocals that make it’s creeping and closeness even worse. At this point it’s easy to forget Higurashi was a horror but the soundtrack reflects that greatly. I also recommend Oyashiro-sama, Tatari and Shoukogun (from Kai soundtrack) but there are plenty more creepy songs from both seasons soundtracks that I really recommend.


  1. Plus, as I mentioned in that album review it does end up with a comical, Beetlejuice-Elfman-esque sequence that I find adorable in Touhou music.
  2. honestly, one of the only good things about that series
  3. I had trouble figuring out who is actually behind this soundtrack but this seems right
  4. only 90s kids will remember Houseki cutting in near the end every goddamn time.
  5. Epitaph, Eau de Vie, Day and Night and Dry Lake are all tracks but only help illustrate the horror of man and not much other horror.

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