Summer 2015 Final Impressions

Gakkou Gurashi

And now we just sit around and wait for Gakkou Gurashi season two.


Snow White With The Red Hair

The honourable “Great Show I Almost Missed Out On” this season (alongside classics like Kyousougiga and Akatsuki no Yona).

I had tried to read the manga long ago and couldn’t get into it no matter how hard I tried. I didn’t even bother with the show then. I tried it on a whim while it was five or six episodes iin and was immediately smitten with it. Everything from the cute characters to the beautiful scenery create such a relaxing and lovely show.

And though shoujo is as shoujo does, it still doesn’t do anything terribly inventive with it’s plot. Though honestly Shirayuki’s “kind to a fault except nobody faults her ever and if they do they’re proven wrong” deal doesn’t really get as tiring as annoying as you would think.

The show is just that good.

And unlike a lot of shoujo, the confession is done by the end of the season without episodes of drama. They smooch, they dwell, they accept and they smooch again.

That alone would be great to end the season on and enough to get me to give the manga a third shot. But that’s not all! A second 12 episode season airs next year. How can my poor heart possibly handle that? Excitedly.


I watched the first episode of Charlotte originally but immediately dropped it cause I thought it was dumb. I then picked it up again because my first episode prediction came true and it had one amazing episode before it turned dumb again.

It had nice visuals and a few scenes with good execution so in the end I think the reason I disliked it so much was because it wasn’t what I expected it to be. That can be a good thing sometimes. Not in this case.

Thinking about it though, what did I really expect from Charlotte? What did I want it to deliver? I guess not a big huge orginization and secret siblings and ridiculous time travel and the ability to have every ability. Just these dumb teens eventually losing their powers and maybe dealing with that?

But for what Charlotte was, I guess it was entertaining. I don’t see it as a great show or even an exceptionally above average show. It did have one amazing episode but that’s it. And even that was rife with melodrama.

The final episode was interesting but I feel like it should have been… longer. Not two parts but maybe an OVA at 40 minutes or something? It just doesn’t flow at all and ends up feeling kinda ridiculous.

But whatever. It was still better than Angel Beats.

Gakkou Gurashi


Goodbye, my precious Rii-san

It’s been awhile since I’ve been super excited for an adapation of something I love. Before was Mekakucity Actors which was… a troubled and flawed adaptation at best.

This, however, was fantastic despite the liberties taken with it’s story.

It managed to be cute and engaging while still having the heart and horror 1 of the original.

Heck, I already knew everything that was going to happen and I still teared up at certain scenes. And that was /with/ the show being more lighthearted (even in dark scenes) than it’s manga counterpart.

I’m glad people enjoyed Gakkou Gurash ias much as I hoped they would. Between that and the anime ending (which, of course, deviates a lot from the manga and not even in a way that is “oh, go read the manga to find out what happens next”), maybe we’ll get a second season some day?

I wouldn’t say someday soon. I don’t think there’s enough for a second season yet, especially related to the character hinted at the end of the episode. And not to mention, didn’t they leave the bear behind?

I’d certainly be up for a second season if there was as much heart put into it as this one had. But if not, this one was so good that I’d be fine without it too.


  1. but to be clear, way, way less so than the manga proper

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