12 Days of Anime: 01 – Every Parade I Go To Ends Up This Way

I remember not knowing anything about Death Parade but seeing the opening all over twitter without stop (and I mean, with good reason right?). When I actually watched the first episode, I could not believe the disparity between the kickass opening and the dire content of the show.

Initially I thought I’d only remember the show for the shockingness of the first nature (because obviously the woman was lying to protect her husband) and it’s ridiculously fun opening but the show actually ended up being really good. Not a masterpiece for the ages but easily one of the best shows that aired this season.

Just thinking about the scene where she visits home (oh man did I cry) or the absolutely beautiful ice skating scene reminds me how much I enjoyed this show. (Not ot mention Mayu’s final scene like my god)

But hey, I would have never even given it a shot if it weren’t for it’s fun (too fun as it turns out later on) opening that even now is my favourite of the  year.

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