12 Days of Anime: 03 – The World is Pitch Black

Ah, the sting. The sting unique to watching something with so much promise squander and waste it. It feels like Yatterman Night, the surprise darling of winter 2015. At first.

How could it not be with such a fantastic first episode? I was caught off guard. Surely Tatsunoko Production couldn’t make magic happen again like they did witch Gatchaman Crowds, could they? But with this episode, it seemed like maybe they would.

They set us up for the fall then hit us with it hard, all the while presenting an interesting post-apocolyptic world that I was excited to learn more about.

But as episodes went on… it was clear the first episode was a fluke. The first few episodes were good and let’s be clear, I did enjoy them at the time. However once the show started to get stale, it got stale fast. Jokes got repetitive and focus was on all the most uninteresting places and characters.

I never finished the series because it just got too boring but from what I’ve heard it doesn’t seem like I’ve missed very much at all. Which is a shame considering how amazing the first episode was at the time.

This takes the place of the Charlotte and Classroom Crisis selections I had for 12 Days because Charlotte is dumb and I have nothing good to say about Classroom Crisis anymore. At least Yatterman Night managed to wow, even if only for awhile.

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