12 Days of Anime: 09 – I Wanna Find This Love I Can’t Forget

So I didn’t watch anything in this season except for Norgami Aragoto so I’ll do a longer post about that after the final episode this week. Because of that and the fact that it’s one of my AOTY, I won’t go too much into it right now. I’ll be talking enough about it soon, that is.

Suffice to say, I was shocked at how much I loved Aragoto. I finished the first season while this was a few episodes in and once I got past the Yukine part that was insufferable in the first season, it actually was decent!

The second season, however, is fantastic. To the point where I don’t want to call it just a shounen. Which then brought up a personal debate with myself about why I’m uncomfortable with calling a show with good drama and characterization a shounen when it still mostly fits the bill of being a shounen. Well, it could be rather because Noragami doesn’t feature as many of the standard shounen cliches and plots?

Perhaps writing it off as another shounen when it’s better off as action/adventure is a mistake. Which doesn’t address why I’d get heated about calling it a shounen though, why not accept that?

ANYWAYS, Noragami Aragoto kept me on the edge of my seat with every episode. Though it still had quite a few problems that prevent it from being a 10/10 show, the amount of enjoyment I got out of it was almost incomparable to anything else I watched this year.

My own personal enjoyment of the show is enough to get it on the list but if not that, have one of these other suitable reasons: Bishamon and her unexpectedly fantastic arc and also her great fashion sense holy shit, Yukine’s character development, Nora as one of Rie Kugimiya’s best roles (FIGHT ME) or Taku Iwasaki’s fantastic, strange and controversial soundtrack.

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