12 Days of Anime: 07 – Walking Dead Quote

In a rare turn of events, an adaptation of a manga I loved turned out fantastic. There was hardly anything disappointing about it. A few changes that I wasn’t too pleased about but hey, I understand why they were changed at least.

The Gakkou Gurashi anime did what I hoped, played the first episode straight and caught a lot of people off guard. It blended the drama of their day to day lives with a sense of wonder and fun that’s incredibly sad in its own special way. I teared up at moments I didn’t think I would, I laughed at moments I didn’t think I would. It was enjoyable in so many ways.

To be honest, I can’t really talk about Gakkou Gurashi too much more just because of how satisfying it was. It just… was good. I’m disappointed one of the most poignant and dramatic moments in the manga was changed (something that changes a lot about Rii-san and her grip on reality) but other than that… it was just good.

Look at this goddamn angel

It seems like lots of care and attention went into the series (the OP changing was fantastic and set the tone of the episodes really well as things got worse and worse) and I’m glad that people who were otherwise unfamilliar with the series enjoyed it as much as I do the manga.

Hopefully we’ll get a second season (well, with that final scene I should hope so) because it starts to feel like a different series after that and I’d love to see it animated. Until then, I’ll at least be grateful that this series turned out so dang well.

Also I love me some Rii-san oh my god do I ever.

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