12 Days of Anime: 08 – Ultimate Precure Wish and Neko Atsume

Cure Scarlet

There was one thing I always secretly hoped for in a Precure but never dared speak aloud. My all time favourite voice actress, Miyuki Sawashiro, as a Precure character. Well, in a big role as a Precure character. I thought it was something that would never happen.

But it did and it was fantastic. It’s a rather subdued role for her since she’s playing a gentle hime-sama (with a godawful design holy shit) but it’s still better than nothing.

Also from Go! Princess Precure is a certain episode. My favourite episode of the entire series (and there have been some good ones!) and quite possibly my favourite unserious Precure episode of all time.

Episode 33 introduces a new (cat) fairy, I won’t spoil the deets, who is very shy and reserved. Resident (also cat) fairy teacher Shamour (voiced by Mayumi Shintani aka Nonon from Kill la Kill) takes said shy fairy to meet with regular cats in town where they have a cat fashion off???

Shamour also teaches the Precures about respecting your enemies and Shut gets a lot of great moments as well. Someone punches a shark.

Overall the episode was hilarious and played to my weakness of cute anime cats. Especially the new fairy who I was so ready to buy merch of the moment I laid my lil eyes on his ugly and adorable little self.

The episode was so ridiculous and I can’t believe I enjoyed myself as much as I did when I watched it.

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