12 Days of Anime: 05 – Perfect Virgin

Maria the Virgin Witch

Maria the Virgin Witch may not be anywhere close to my AOTY but it’s definitely one of the most interesting shows to have aired this year. It scratched an itch I didn’t know I had.

Accesible (though comepletely off the wall ridiculous) historical fiction with colourful and unique characters who constantly, constantly defied the expectations I had set for them that spoke freely of female sexuality like it wasn’t no shit at all? Damn. Sign me up for some more of that.

Viv was (unexpectedly) the absolute biggest bro ever

The thing is with Maria is that I don’t know another show that’s even a little like it. Either the sexuality aspect or the historical fiction that isn’t boring and insufferable (and I say that as someone who seriously enjoys historical fiction novels a whole lot).

So while I can’t pin point one thing to credit Maria the Virgin Witch for, I’d give it this spot just for being so fresh and unique. It’ll be a long time before I can find such a refreshing show again.


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