12 Days of Anime: 06 – Imperfect Virgin

It was complete chance that this followed the Maria entry on this list. Truly.

Anna Nishikinomiya is one of my favourite characters this year by a goddamn mile. Shimoneta was a lot more clever (and raunchy) than I could have possibly imagined and Anna was an interesting villain to be sure. Though, that isn’t to say she was villainous because she was so thirsty that she’d break his goddamn dick off if it meant she could have it but rather that she was constantly getting in the way of their plans (and uh, threatened to kill one of them w/e).

I found her over the top sexuality and lust to be really interesting, even if it was played for laughs. The “for humour” aspect is especially egregious when we dismiss the fact that she was still trying to rape him but since it was female on male, it’s just hilarious rather than awful. But all that godawfulness aside, her Dr. Jekyll and incredibly horny Mr.Hyde scenario was a surprising factor of the show that I would have never guessed from just the opening and previews of the show.

Like the cookie thing? Never have I heard that Boku no Pico yooooooo’d so hard in my goddamn life. That is some next level shit right there.

I never thought we’d get a second season of this in the first place but with the tragic passing of Miyu Matsuki, Anna’s voice actor, I hope that we never do. It’s a shame one of her final roles was such a horrible and fantastic character but Anna stands out because of her amazing voice work so I’m grateful that she did such a great job.

We’ll miss you, Miyu Matsuki. Don’t know how they’ll do the Tales of Zestiria anime without you. :(

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