As a curator and wannabe creator of all that is random and generated, seeing something like pop up is really fun. I wanted to share if you didn’t happen to catch the wave of it on twitter that seemed to swamp it all at once.

It’s such a simple concept. Random anime openings (and sometimes endings) play in glorious creditless HD (whe navailable). It’s purpose? Up to you. I’ve seen people making a game of it but I think I’d enjoy just putting it on in the background as I work. So far I’ve seen one opening for some anime I’ve never even heard of and remembered a lot of songs I’d long forgotten about.

It’s got lots of nifty features too. You can loop one video, pick just opening and endings, a list of videos in rotation (I think, I haven’t checked because I want to stay surprised) and you can even bug the creator to add stuff if you really want to (though you probably shouldn’t).

Anyways, it’s novel as heck so go have fun with it. I look forward to seeing what the creator does with it in the future.


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